Monday, January 09, 2006

Another solid one.

Wow. This must be a recent record for staying with a workout plan. Leave it to Pavel. This was pretty tough today and Joe and I went at a very solid pace. The swings at the end were killer and I wasnt able to do the extra farmers walks that I had planned. Workout took 80 minutes and I was done. I might have to sub them out with the swings but I plan on getting in good enough shape to do them both.

one kb clean and jerk
x5/5 Done one clean and jerk, then transfer and repeat til reps are done.
x6/6 " "
x7/7 =72 reps. not bad

Used more of a GS style on my left arm today, really resting it on the chest and letting my knees drop forward to initiate the jerk from the quads.much easier to NOT lose connection between the arm and my torso. As I warmed up I went more into the continuous mode as I did the entire time with my right.

bodyweight pullups/ split squats w/ kb
5,6,7,5,6,7 18#x8,26#x8,36x5x2 sets. strong !

two hand swings
72x15 tough!
53x20 man these are tough after split squats.

no farmers walks today.



The Dymmel said...

Nice to see you staying with a consistent plan. I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy the results. Sounds like you already are.

Stick with the program and be patient. Don't forget to taper as the weeks go along.

Way to help get Joe's butt in gear.

Mark Reifkind said...

taper? whats a taper? LOL!! Good thing you reminded me. Joe is getting better each workout. You'll have to stop by one sat and pull before you leave if you can/