Saturday, January 14, 2006

The 28 kg goes on its maiden voyage.

Took my brand new 28 kg kettlebell for its maiden voyage at the Rifstonian Institute this morning.Its a great kb with perfect shape and handle;except for that crappy high gloss paint they put on it. I liked the inital coating dragon door had on the kbs so much more.Much better grip and they chalked up like a gymnastics ring, paralllel bar or horizontal bar.. Have to sand off the paint on the handle now, so it will accept chalk.

Creaky and stiff this am for some reason. Two days off,perhaps I'm ready for some friday training again. tacy's swing complexes maybe.

Clean and Jerk
62x2/2x4 sets! strong and solid.
53x5/5x3 sets. so easy after the 62.

The jerks went very well after my right biceps tendon settled down.cleans were nothing. felt very strong.

Pullups/one kb lunges
3,4,5,6,7,5,6,7,8+ 51 total reps plus 8 is a recent pr.

62x8/8x2 very solid.

two hand swings
62x15,20,10,15 20

very strong. technique is best ever. last week of these though. DARCS next week for three weeks.

Handstands 4x 8 seconds each.
havent done these in too long. decent.

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