Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Muscle tension is a good thing. The more tension you can generate in the muscles the stronger you are, all other things being equal. But you can have too much tension. If you have muscle imbalances you can create painful rotations and torque on the joints, spine and connective tissue causing lots of pain. THis is why the ballistic nature of the kettlebell is so good for me. It builds the ability to create force( tension) but also teaches the muscles to relax on each rep. This loose, tight , loose is similar to other ballistic motions such as walking and running.

Powerlifting requires as much overall muscle tension as possible and really messes me up. Even too much kb grinding will mess me up. Have to stay loose as possible and as square as possible.

Joe was sick today so I did it solo. Cold and tired going in but I have added a third cup of coffee on training days( double cappucino with half and half!! Yum!) so it kicked in quickly!

Tactical Pullups/See saw press

3 26'sx5/5
4 26'sx5/5
5 36'sx5/5
3 44x5/5
4 44x5/5
5 44x5/5
3 44x5/5
3 44x5/5

see saws felt great! did ouside leg clean till 44's . tact pullups were done with LONG ass hang pause at bottom and hold at top as well. this makes it MUCH harder. but good. can hang fully from my shoulders, safely now, for the first time in years!!! I love these presses too. great inside groove.

53x5/5x5 sets

These went very well also!I was really thinking pull back from the upper back( lawnmower start) at the beginning as well as JUMP. Let myself go up on my toes as well. Easy now.Fast pace too, 30-45 sec rest between sets. excellent.shoulders and biceps felt solid.

bottoms up cleans

my arms were feeling cooked my now and I had gone up to the two pood last time so I stayed with the 53 the whole time. LONG HOLDS at the top and conciously flexing the lats/glutes. good stuff.

Farmers walk w/53's

5 .5 laps.

also short rest. cardio feels good today. :))

need to stretch out though. datsit.

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