Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Recon workout two

This is the second of Pavels workouts for this method. Very deceuving. Each componenet doesnt seem that hard but boy do they add up. We;ll see how this goes after doing two of these workouts in a week. With only two every other week workout "A" gets done twice and then vice versa;

Tracy style swing combo warmups with 26# for lots of arm swing, two arm swing, darcs and cleans in various sets/reps

One KB clean and Jerk

x7/7 left arm has a hard time stabilizing the shoulder on the dip/push. have to find the groove better or my elbows flares out. not bad but not perfect.right arm is very easy. not quite flexible enough for a true jerk so I do more of a push press. focus is on leg drive.

bodyweight pullups/one kb lunge
5 36x8/8
6 53x8/8
7 53x8/8
5 53x8/8
6 53x8/8

Pullups were done almost ballistically with a little stretch reflex of the lats in the bottom If you would have bet me I would be able to do these a year ago I would have bet big money against myself.

the lunges were very solid, almost easy. have to work on range of motion more but this is a much better movement for me than front squats.

two hand swings
72 x10

ouch! These were my best form ever. I mimiced Mike C's finish position on the front of his DVD and man what a difference! It allowed me to get my hips all the way through, lock my elbows easier, get better projection more easily and drive into the ground longer! Good stuff for just one change.
All I did was lean back at the top more and all kinds of things opened up! I tried to :pull the kb apart" with my triceps at the top of the movement and it worked great!

farmers walk

2 44's x three laps. legs are shot! LOL!!feels great. handstands next time ss with walks.


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