Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How to achieve anything

1) Decide on exactly what you want to achieve.

2) Figure out as near as possible what this will require.

3) Commit to doing as many these things as possible with your full intention and focus.

4) Put these things near, or at the top, of your life's priority list.

5) Refer to Numbers One and Two frequently during each day.

datsit.done deal. if you are not willing to pay the price don't complain when you dont get what you want. we dont get what we want, we get what we choose.


Royce said...

I am just getting back into lifting after too many years off, very outta shape and weak, and I have to say kettlebells are the most fun I've had training in many years. I am doing High Octane Cardio right now, I have really let myself go as far as health the last 5 years batteling a drug addiction and an alcaholism problem, If I keep my current lean mass (l65) I need to loose 109 pounds to get lean about 10% fat. I am not stepping on the scale right now I will post my results when I am a little healthier. Then when I get back into fighting form, POWERLIFTING again, can't wait!!!!!

Mark Reifkind said...


congrats on the weight loss,defeating drugs and alcohol and setting your goals and your plan.make sure you keep training with weights and kbs on your way there. dont wait to lose allthe bodyweight adn then start. big mistake.
take care and good luck,