Monday, January 23, 2006

Back at work

Man being sick sucks. ANd the recovery's not that much fun either. Feel tons better but really can tell what a stress it was to my system, especially the lungs. Strength work was ok but swings were tough. Starting back is good though.

Clean and Jerks
62x3/3x4 sets

These were much stronger than last weeks 4 sets of 2's

ballistic pullups/kb lunge
7 36x8/8
8 44x8/8
6 53x8/8
7 62x8/8
8 72x8/8 strong@!
9= 60 reps

these both went very well. lunges are so necessary for me.
pullups were very fluid. they werent kipping pullups by amy means but I got a good stretch reflex up to the last two reps, which were rest paused.

one arm swings
53x10/10x4 sets.

these were suprinsingly hard, but a lot of it was fatigue from my first day back at work after this flu. This really weakend me; havent felt like this in years. Do Not like it. Strong is much better.

4 sets of 8-10 seconds.

these were weak, I was ready to finish and was hungry.Got to train with Tim Dymmel today and what a stud he is. So glad he got exposed to kettlebells, he will be a great ambassador. Between him and Joe( whose body is changing daily) these guys got tons of muscle. Joe's deadlift will be definitely over 500 pounds at 170.Wish I were 30 again......



Joefitness said...

What a great day at Stones...we all kicked butt!

Rif, your pull-ups are frickin amazing

The Dymmel said...

Thanks again for the hospitality. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot in just a short time.

Thank you for your compliments. You are too kind.