Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Feeling stronger every day and I again realize how much I loathe being felled by viruses and bacteria.Hate being and feeling weak. So to feel stronger again, as I did today, feels good. SO glad I bought the 28 kg, it is perfect transition weight for me to the 32. With only a few key weights to use these intermediate ones are more important than many think to slow, regular progressions and "perceived exertion" waving which are my secret to long term progress.

My grooves are really getting solid now and doing the same routine every other day is interesting. I'm always repeating the same moves with just about the same weights but my capcity and strength vary slightly each time. But they are also, slowly but definitely, moving upwards overall. THIS is my real goal. Build a wider and stronger base and the peak is, by definition, going to be higher.

My overhead press is starting to feel like my old bench press did and I am getting some confidence back in my shoulders. Letting myself do my grooves based on what feels right is definitely the key for me. Forcing myself into the "right" mechanical position has screwed me up more than its ever helped me. By pressing, swinging, snatching and the way it feels strong to me, as well as using the basic principles( strength as a skill, the body as a unit, linkage, etc.) I am feeling the strongest and the safest as far as injury.

I am snatching the same way I was in 2003 when I first did 25+25 with the 53 after watching Pavels RKC dvd. The more things change.....

tactical weighted pullups/ one arm kb press
bwx3 36x5/5
bwx3 44x5/5
18x3 53x5/5
36x3! 62x3/3 strong!
44x2!!PR 62x3/3
36x4! 62x3/3

Wow! great work and some PRs. Never doubled the 44! and two sets of 3 with the 36.Who would have thunk I would be doing this much pullups a year ago?????Or even could?

44x8/8x6 sets 96 reps

these felt great and easy. less than a minute rest/sets/ cardio no problem. have to remember to cycles these weights for my biceps sake.

Depth squat
12" box and 3 board
72x8x3 sets

Added these back in as I need to do SOME squat motion and these are the safest, most symmterical and help open my hips. Plenty of tension here with a paused stretch in the hole.Works the lower back too.

Farmers walk

2 36'sx4 laps x5 sets

Joe snagged the 44's and 53's so I went with more laps. Really tried to walk as fast as I could. Its amazing how much better I can walk now than just a freaking year ago when its all I could do to manage a very painful limp. I hve learned so much from Pavel and training the; RKC its way cool to be able to move again with so much less pain. People who havent lived in chronic pain just dont realize how much it saps your energy. To be freer of that and feel like you can move again is an amazing gift.

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