Monday, January 16, 2006

Another great one in the bank.

Got a chance to speak with Pavel for awhile today before the workout and that always fires me up! Better than a warmup,lol!

Wt. Tactical Pullups/ See Saw press
bwx3 26'sx5/5
18#x3 36'sx5/5
26x6 ( these were strict!) 44x3/3
36x2+1/2 decent! 53x5/5 strong !!!!
36x2 53x5/5
44x1 PR! 53x5/5
36x2 1/2 53x5/5
bwx3 long holds 53x5/5

the pullups were very solid with a recent pr. trying to hold the chin over the bar and squeeze. the presses were as strong as when I was benching. a little extra body mass doesnt hurt at all.

53x5/5x6 sets

the Olympic style snatch technique is holding up well with no bicep or shoulder pain.really focusing on pulling the bell up and in with the upper back and not the arm, as I think "jump"! these were almost easy! Joe did his first 5 minute secret service test training with 100 reps in 9 minutes. the rest times will get progressively shorter. he kicked ass. and this is after deadlifting triples up to 371 for two sets. no problem.

One arm snatch grip hi pull

just wanted to see if I could snatch it. no problem. will do this soon.

bottoms up clean
72x3/3 solid

have to do this earlier in the workout one day. Perhaps I will circuit these movements soon as a break from the strict recon w/o.or alternate the styles.

Farmers walks
2/44's for 3 lap sets x 3 sets

these felt strong too. great to have a strong day.



The Dymmel said...


You are definitely getting in a lot of work these days. That's awesome.

I'm not able to make it down to Stones on a Saturday. How 'bout I join you guys on Monday? Let me know what you think.


Mark Reifkind said...

so far so good! any monday is fine tim/.

The Dymmel said...

That's great.

I'll get the details from Joe and see y'all on Monday.

Joefitness said...

Gents I would dig have the Dymmel participate