Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Training sick.

Came down with something yesterday and slept about one hour all night;waking up coughing and peeing from all the tea and honey I drank.Sinus pain and headache and a nasty cough,which luckily is breaking up already( I hope).

very slow and easy today. heartrate went up very easily. strong though.

clean and jerk
53x5/5x5 sets

These went fine and wind was okay but I'm not slow and easy.

bw pullups
5,6,7,5,6,7 easy. nice fluid motion but not kipping. shoulders best in years.

bw assisted pistols.
6x3-4 eh.I am not strong enough for these yet it seems.

these just suck for me on my left leg still and I should have done lunges. I have to try low steps walking up hill.I think the key is low 6-8 inches off the ground so its easy and my hip can take the load easily.I think holding a kb will make a big difference here as well. It should lower my center of gravity.maybe make it more ballistic instead of static? WOuld that have the same effect on the muscle tissue of the left leg that it has on my back muscle? Interesting.

two hand swings
53x15x5 sets. these were feeling strong but i was really sucking wind and the end. groove was great though.

datsit. some nyquil and some sleep.

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