Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Swipes, quick and dirty

Schedule got very jacked today so I got the first half of the workout in, and perhaps I will get the handstands in tomorrow.

I recovered better than expected after being VERY sore from the one day less rest and going fast on snatch vo2. But not enough food yesterday and a serious rush to get the high rep workout in made me realize my soreness has recovered but my endurance had not.

This is what got done

Two CB swing
2 10s x 20, 20 , 15

Two CB swipes
2 10s x 15
2 15s x 20
x 25
x 30
x 30+5

150 total reps. not bad actually.

These started out well as my intention was to do 5 rep jumps from 20 to perhaps 40. This was, in retrospect, just a wee bit ambitious :)), given my lack of full recovery. I was shooting for 35 but the grip gave out so I put the bells down, shook out the pump and finished the last reps. Total rest was probably 20 seconds.

The last two sets of 20 were actually much easier than expected but then web problems at the studio took preference and tomorrow is now handstand day. I need rest more than I need loading so no worries either way.

1 comment:

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