Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Power swings

I messed up my training appointments this morning and ended up having to train after work.Tracy and I had decided to put snatch vo2 on the shelf for awhile and train the power swing instead.I am going to alternate one arm swings and snatches on Saturdays after press work; I really don't need to snatch twice a week right now and this dead stop swing is really being well received and I need to test some parameters on it for use at the RKC.

I recently stopped doing these as well as ballistic two hand swings just awhile ago as I thought they were giving me too much pec, and teres major tension and making my shoulder less stable so I will have to carefully control volume and make sure to get things opened up immediately after.

I think 50 -100 total reps should be the top,especially for now and especially considering I want to use some heavy weight with these.Perhaps ;))

Power swings
16 kg x5
20 kg x5
24 kgx5

32 kg x 5 x 10 sets

50 reps

The work sets with the 32 kg probably took 10 minutes but I wasn't trying to push pace at all, just go as fast as I could comfortably, from a cardio sense.The low reps were done to AVOID a pump, or lactic acid buildup so I could do a higher volume of reps with no drop in power do to those above factors, or specific muscle ( low back) fatigue.

it wasn't that hard.Now doing these 15:15 style would be very tough,especially with heavy weights, which could be used.

There is much more starting strength and concentric strength focus on the power swing than say eccentric or reversal strength and this will probably help to mitigate muscle soreness and DOMS. DEPENDING on how long the work bout it.

If it's too long and lactic acid builds up it it will get ugly, from a DOMS pov, imo. lol.

Bell speed and consistent height has to be maintained or it's time to end the set. When power per rep drops it should be over.

The two hand swing,especially from the hike pass position, is such a basic, fundamental power movement and this variation makes it so easy to train hard and safely. I always think of it as a ballistic power good morning with a barbell. But this Power swing variation makes it more like a box squat than a good morning. Now that's a nice tool to have in the training box :))

One arm Shield Casts
10 x 10/10 x 2
15 x 10/10 x 3

Black band tricep extension
5 sets from 20-12 fast pace

Bodyblade laterals

10/10 x 3 strict!

these are a killer and the slower you go the harder they are. love them.

the one arm shield casts were a good variation and balance to the two hand swing and opened up the shoulder well.



Fatguy said...

If you ever have the opportunity, and if you don't mind, could you post a video of whatever the black band is? I know what tricep extensions are, but not body blade laterals, and I'm not quite sure what a black band is.

Mark Reifkind said...


the black band is just a black colored exercise band, black is the highest level of tension:
like this:


what I do is a very basic triceps arm extension holding on to the band,
like this:


I'll do some video on the bodyblade laterals thursday

Fatguy said...

Ah, I got ya now. I'll have to try it out.