Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One arm swings.

Man it's been a long week with tons of new clients taking slots of tons of vacationing regulars. New clients are always much harder with mucho demonstrations, evals ,etc.etc. Way more energy output,especially when I do them back to back to back. Good news is my waiting list is almost full ,lol, so its a problems I want to have.

Ran late and it's hot but I am digging how it feels on the joints and muscles. just have to very more diligent about staying hydrated in the afternoons. Normally I drink water and herb tea all morning during working and "fasting" then I dont drink much when I start the eating phase until the end. When you are more thirsty than hungry you are done eating according to the Warrior Diets inoventor Ori Homflacher. Have to really ramp it up cause I'm a sweater( not a cardigan though).

One arm swings:

53x 10/10x 12 sets
240 reps
12,720 pounds

not a bad starting back week.power feels good and snap is strong. All swings head height or above.

Waiters Walks
36x100 foot per arm
200 feet per lap
4 laps/800 feet.

right shoulder is tight.Not enough stick presses lately, it's been feeling too good,lol.

Two kb rack holds
2/16 kg x 1 minute
Stick presses
8 reps
Face pulls
10 reps

three rounds of each of these. The rack holds are hard, as expected but more biring than anything else. 10 minutes with 72's would be monsterous. Keepin my left knee locked for too long though is never good, hard to get it to bend again,lol.But I like these and will get up to a few minutes per set, then go up in weight.

The stickpresses are golden and unlocked my shoulder almost immediately . I also need to keep the face pulls in their as the rhomboids/external rotators get weak fast it seems. was hot as hell today and it was no problem Time to build up my heat tolerance for the June certs I have.

Being able to be strong in the heat is tough. When I was ultra training I used to do hour runs in Miami in August at noon and got to where it didnt bother me at all.. LOL, I know, only maddogs and englishman but hey, I never claimed to be sane, just passionate!

Dats it, really gotta stretch.


Aaron Friday said...

Do you use KBs for face-pulls? If so, how is it done if you don't mind my asking?

Christine Petty said...

God bless you working out in the heat. It makes me think of football (women's league plays in the summer) sweating with all this equipment on and just sweltering in the heat. Plus you have to *ask* for water. Don't miss that at all.

Mark Reifkind said...

Aaron, face pulls are done with a pulley and rope. heres the article that really took my shoulder to the next level.


I loved being bathed in my own sweat, lol. nothing better or more cleansing.

Joefitness said...

Awesome Rif. Excellent numbers with the swings

Aaron Friday said...

Well, that clears up the mystery. I've got a bitchy shoulder myself, so I bookmarked the link for study.

Fawn taught me the face-pull with the cable/rope, and I do think it is a wonderful exercise.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Joe, not a bad starting point for rebuilding.

aaron, cool, just make sure the hands are externally rotated when you do the face pulls. check my blog for stick press pics, thats the real trick for unimpinging the shoulder.

Aaron Friday said...

Will do!

Franz Snideman said...


you know you are doing something right when you have a waiting list.

Nice numbers with the swings! You are the WORK CAPACITY master!

Aikibudo said...

Hey Rif,
I am new to your blog and you usually sign off with, datsit, gotta stretch...What stretches/style do you favor/recommend? Pavel's RIS? or something else. I gotta add it to my routine too and wanted some sage advice...
Thanks in advance,

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz, its a good feeling although that can always change in a heartbeat, as you know. I am definitely on the downside of a peak now, as planned but it's never fun building back up. even though your starting point is higher than before it still feels like 'down',lol.

Mark Reifkind said...


do a search through my blog for posts on RIFGA, or Rifs Yoga, my own very individualized stetchng routine focusing primarily on static stretches that I hold for 1- 2 min at a time and focus on breathing in the movements.

Like Pavels waiting out the tension techniques.I have too much tension in assorted muscle groups from all the injuries and loading that ONLY need to be stretched out.I take a very unbalanced approach to get balanced. :))
So my yoga like stretching sessions focus on only those and not the totality as most yoga style do.
I started doing much better physically when I started thinking about getting back to my developmental ranges of motion that I had in gymnastics.I figured being able to stretch the way I used to would be helpful and it was.especially for my back.

I also have to pay special attention to my right shoulder rehab and keeping that teres and lat opened up.

My goal now is to get looser,not stronger. If I get too much total body tension I cant move at all and that takes priority to strength right now.Thats why kbs ballistics work so well for me. they get me stronger but keep me loose. I do Very little grind work at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm with on newbies, Rif! They're lots of work and pretty exhausting, but are a good reminder of how far the clients that have been with you longer, have come. It's easy for even the older clients to forget how far they've came...having my classes in the park with mixed levels is a good reminder for everyone and good for the newbies to see how far they can go!

Nice RKC finshier video! I saw quite a few familiar faces and Doug's filled me in on some of the fun you all had!

I like training in the heat, too. I'm putting off training inside for as long as I can! It's getting up into 100+ regularly now, and only down to the 80s in the evening! Living in the desert is fun! :p But I like sweating it out-proof that I truly am working HARD! ;)

Take care dude!

Mark Reifkind said...

hey sara,

great to hear from you and I bet you guys have all the info on training in the heat! Las vegas is just TOO hot for me,especially if there is no water around.

and yes newbies are tough but energizing and the do make you realize just how far your regulars have come.always good to see new people too, thats why I love teaching and the cert too.
take care and hope to see you soon