Monday, May 14, 2007

The Ability to suffer.

Bernard Hinault. Suffering strongly.

My ability to suffer is increasing, a sure sign I am getting in much better shape, cardio wise, than I have been in a long time. Although I hate high reps with a serious passion I know how much they do for me on many levels and it was great that I could finally drop some ego and machismo and use the 16 kg and focus on really building a base of endurance.It does feel good after Saturdays heavy pounding with the snatches and heavy swings. And it's only the beginning.

As usual I can never tell what kind of day it will be going in and I didnt feel particularly spunky at all today,and, also as usual, wondered if I could get even ONE set of 100 today, much less multiples. BUt I dropped the two hand swing and just focused on one arms and darcs and things went very well indeed.Dont need a lot of warmups when the weights are light and the reps are high.

Combination one arm swings and darcs


30/30+ 40 darcs
30/30+40 darcs
30/30+40 darcs
35/35+30 darcs PR- first time I've done four 100 rep sets!
10/10/10 darcsx2 rounds 60 reps
40 darcs ( just to get to 500 reps)

500 reps
18,000 lbs!

Wow, great great workout! Didnt see that coming. The first 100 rep set was so easy I couldnt beleive it. same with the second and the third wasnt bad at all. set out to only do 70 on the fourth set but it was so easy I finished it up.Stellar.Recovery is very fast too, time between sets is dropping as well.

High rep kb work always reminds me of climbing hills on my road bike and roadies take great pride in their ability to suffer greatly and still keep the pace and make the climb strongly. Being in pain is no reason to be weak.Nothing like strength endurance work to make you understand that it's ALL in the mind.And that all training is really mental training.The body only does what you tell it to, from the concious or unconcious.

Snatch holds 16 kg
x90 sec
90 sec
60 sec these are not that much easier than with the 24 kg! These hurt.

Rack walks 16 kg
300 feet per arm
600 feet per lap
3 laps/1800 feet.
these were solid and pretty fast. I just wanted to get em dun :))

10 min RIFGA

BW 162.3
BF 9.1%
Water 59.8%

datsit gotta stretch


Christine Petty said...

Cardio is suffering, I agree with that!

There's a "Dave's Triathlon Challenge' over on

Ok - here we go! See this thread for the background:

Blame Scott if this makes you hurt - it was his idea. But seriously, not only is this an excellent test of endurance, it forces you to pick a bell weight that is practical and keep it moving for a solid thirty minutes. That requires pacing.

1. This is a 30 minute timed event and you must finish the whole enchilada.

2. There are three 10 minute "legs" to this triathlon. LCC&J, Snatch (with one hand switch, of course), and Jerk, in that specific order.

3. You pick a bell weight and stick with it for the entire challenge. Here is the sequence and a couple of more "rules":

Start the timer.

Pick up the bells. do as many LCC&J's as you can in 10 minutes.


Take a max of 20 seconds to rechalk your hands and pick up a bell.

Snatch until the timer says 20:00 (with one hand switch along the way).

At 20:00, set down the bell, rechalk (max 20 secs) and pick up both bells.

Jerk until the timer says 30:00.

I only have one 16kg bell, but I may just suffer through it.

Mark Reifkind said...

thats just nuts. I used to be that nuts but now I am old and am nowhere near that nuts.

Aaron Friday said...

And that's why I like you so much. You've been to the mountain, returned from the mountain and said, "It's a mountain. Now, let's work on your swing and help you feel better."

Mark Reifkind said...

man you always crack me up. you just get to the real point in such a direct but funny way.
the higher you climb the farther you see eh? And since the next step is always down I'm not in such a hurry to the top anymore.

Christine Petty said...

LOL @ Aaron's comment!