Saturday, May 12, 2007

Training for real.

Saturdays always used to be a special day. It was squat day and the entire week revolved around it.It was prepared for and focused on like it like a religious Jew would prepare for the Sabbath. It was indeed Holy to me and it could take me to places only similar serious acts of committment can. But it was a fight. Between your soul and heart, a cold uncaring barbell and gravity at it's meanest. I liked that. It was simple, straightforward and up to me what I got out of it.
When I couldnt do that anymore I felt lost and confused for a long time. My injuries had to be dealt first and primal and very basic abilities had to be rebuilt.When I stopped snatching and pressing I really thought I might not be able to do them again if I wanted to stay out of shoulder pain but now I am thinking differently. The shoulder is coming around now like I didnt know that it could and the program design seems to have brought up the strength while allowing healing to occur. Not perfect by any means but now I have the movements that seem to put things back in balance very quickly.
Today was like the old days. Nick squatted 495 for 3 sets of 2 EASY, Palmer had swing PR's and I felt solid in my snatches and swings. Everybody was kicking ass and pushing hard, the music was loud and gravity was light. It was good. I have earned my weekend now.


one arm swings with 16 kg

10/10 x 3sets
swing snatch transer 16 kg
5 swings/snatches each side x 2 sets
snatch transfers

5 each side

24 kg warmup
swing snatch transfer 5 each side
snatch transfer 5 each side]


24 kg snatch
reps =72

not bad at all. Havent done that with the 24 in long time.These were much easier than the last time I did them.All that overhead holding is helping.My old formula held that I needed to do 4 sets of 15/15 to be able to snatch 25/25. I want to be able to be within spitting distance of the RKC snatch test ( in the open division) all the time. I just have to limit the volume of snatches I do and I will be fine.

Used a very close to the body style, pulling back from my upper back, still standing up as strongly as I can.Just have to keep the load off the biceps and on the upper back. I will slowly build this up to 4 sets of 15/15 and on occasion take some higher rep sets.But NOT rely on them for the bulk of my volume as I was doing before.

I also would like to be able to do 100 reps in the ssst, which never thought I should test because of my shoulders.didnt want to push to find the edge anymore but I think it will be fine becasue that level is NOT the edge anymore. All this special exercise training has definitely provided a strong carryover.

One arm swings with 32 kg

160 reps

11,520 pounds

This was very strong as well.Solid hip snaps and solid rooting. So great to play with the two pood like this; no big deal and being able to feel strong and powerful again.I can see the 40 kg in my future as well as some two kb one arm swings as well.

Snatch holds
24 kg x
60 sec
60 sec
45 sec

Face pulls/stick presses 4 rounds

leverage press 4 rounds of 5 with 12 kg


Joefitness said...

F*ing awesome Rif. What a FANTASTIC training session. Great Job!

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah joe it was a good day.thanks.nice not to hurt and be able to push a little.

Christine Petty said...

I'm so glad for you! :) Good work!

Oh, and I'll be heading to JockDoc to have my hand looked at on Tuesday.

Royce said...

Rock on dude, that's some volume! Sounds like a really good day.

"gravity was light" LOL that's cool

Dustin Silveri said...

Going Heavier.... tires are next!!!

just kiddin