Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Got THAT our of my system.

Came back from the cert itching to do some repetition snatches after seeing all my comrades having so much 'fun' doing theirs. I havent done rep snatches in months and havent done anything more than ten reps in more than a year, I'm sure.

So, what better time to test it than after two missed workouts and a weekend in the sun,lol?
Now I remember why I hate rep snatches. For me it comes down to a test of my grip more than anything( as it did before) and with my massive forearms (:)), which pump up mucho quickly, it's not that much fun.
Lungs and wind was fine, legs were fine, just a pretty serious forearm pump.Good to have done it and now I dont have to do them anymore.I wasnt stupid enough to test with the 24 kg but the 20 was just fine today.GIve me heavy weight and low reps anyday.

16 kg x10/10x2
20 kg x23/23

man it doesnt look like anything when you write it down( and to all the gs studs out there it isnt anything, I know) but what it tells me is that with just the sheer minimum of practice I can pass the Open level snatch test for my weight( 24/24) witht he 24 kg when I want to. So it's back to swings swings and more swings.

I also think if I put in practice with high rep swings on each arm I would fix my grip pumping problem as well without having to snatch for reps.

Clean and Press

24 kgx3/3 x 3 sets

I figured since I was talking my right shoulder for a ride I might as well go all the way. Havent pressed with the right arm in months and after doing a bottom up clean and press with the 25 kg at the cert I was itching to press a bit as well. This also was so easy it was laughable. All those stick presses have paid off and the shoulder tracked as well as it ever has!

Stick press/face pulls

4 sets of 8/12

One arm swings
20 kg x10/10
24 kg x10/10x 4 sets

Ah, now this feels right,lol.

Snatch holds
16 kg x
40 sec
50 sec
60 sec ea arm.

this always feels good.

BW 163
BF 8.7% (!)
Water 61%

wow, that was a surprise,especially with all the chowing down and not working out I've done the last two days. Nice.

dats it, almost got my left leg stretched out, alittle more to go.


Aaron Friday said...

Hey, don't forget to try the ZMA.

I'm a lazy piece of shit, and I get noticeable benefits from it: primarily deeper and longer sleep, plus cool dreams.

With your work ethic and general studliness, you'll probably become God-like. But then you'll have to roam the Earth with a kettlebell, a bottle of ZMA, a simple message, and infinite compassion for all sentient beings.

It's a choice only you can make.

Mark Reifkind said...

'take the zma from my hand, grasshopper',

ROFLAMO Aaron, you crack me up man.I havent taken it yet but will today.If I show up at your house wiht a kb and abottle of zma you'll know you were right.

Joefitness said...

hey you that was 23/23 with the 20kg ;-), thanks for explaining the knee pull

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Joe, suprisingly that makes me feel abit better and shows why I cant be trusted to count for myself!

Franz Snideman said...

High Rep snatcahes are good for the soul!

They build character :)

Mark Reifkind said...

lol, thats true but I have enough character already.

oh wait, I guess being a character isnt the same as having it,lol.

Royce said...

Right on Rif, those high rep snatches are something else. You're right that forearm pump is wicked bad. LOL

Aaron you're funny!! LOL!

Mark Reifkind said...

good to hear from you royce.and if I were to want to ge tback into hi rep snatches I would be doing some very hi rep one arm swings I can tell you that. teach that forearm NOT to pump.

and yes, Aaron is wicked funny. dry as a bone though, lol.

Aaron Friday said...

I should probably get my own blog instead of soiling the purity of others'.

I've got some good ideas. Just yesterday, I attempted a waiter's walk with our dog. She's about 26kg, but wiggly as hell, and was confused. I think I've got the strength to do it, but it's difficult to get an acceptable purchase on a wiggly 26kg dog with one hand. I need an apparatus to transform her into a dog-bell so we can exercise together.

Do I need a blog to enter a profile? If I'm going to invade Mark's space, it's only fair that people who look at my profile actually get some information.

Mark Reifkind said...

yes aaron you need a blog to enter a profile although you can post it here as a comment if you like :))

dont worry about "soiling" my blog you crack me up. let me know when you get that dog bell apparatus set up we can sell it.

Christine Petty said...

:) I'm just going to smile. You said "GS Stud" Mwahaa

Mark Reifkind said...

or "studette"/