Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All killer no filler.

It was a long ass day at work today with seemingly everybody needing bodywork. My G-5 thumper kicks ass and its better than using my thumbs but man it still works my hands wrists forearms biceps and thus, shoulders. Plus, then my arms are too wrecked to work on myself,lol.

I know,cry me a river; life's a bitch then you die.Get to work.

One Arm swings

54x5/5/5/5x 15 sets
300 reps
15,900 lbs

This went well and 20 reps sets where you switch every five are freaking cake,lol after 100 reps.This is the effect I was hoping to get from my endurance sets; making the low rep stuff seem like nothing so I don't hold back at all on each rep.

Trained with Joe today and he was snatching the two pood like a toy so it was much easier to do my little swing workout.As usual once I got started and got out of my head and into my body for real the workout was great.Strong today too,although my back and hips are tired from the 100's.

Waiters walks/12 kg
200 feet per arm
400 feet per lap
3 laps/1200 feet

dropped down to the TINY 12 kg and did 200 feet per set. Shoulders are tired from the snatches and all theheavy and light holds. The 12 kg was the right weight and they went well.

Two KB Rack holds
2 16 kg x 1.5 min for 3 sets

I am starting to like this GS inspired form of masochism.Especially perfect for guys like me that can't move well anymore but know how to sit still and suffer. Tried to used it as a standing meditation and that was helpful. Hold 2 32 kgs for ten minutes is a ridiculous amount of total body static strength and endurance.

One technique I like is 'find the center of the pain'. When something hurts instead of trying to get away from it, of resisting it try going into the pain and try to find the center of it.Find the exact spot where it hurts the most, and then find the center of that. and then again and you'll be suprised and what you will find.

I find that it is impossible to find the center and the more you seek it the more elusive it gets. ANd, as that is happening, you notice that the "pain" is nowhere near as intense and has dispersed a bit; no center to be found. Pain has a spectrum of course and what one perceives as very intense in one instance can become quite mild with a different mind set.

It is boring as hell, though, that's for sure.

About an hour.

BW 161.8
BF 10%
Water 59.5%

Datsit,gotta stretch. all meat no potatoes today. felt good but i have to watch my back, its pretty fatigued and it's mainly from the reps. Time for a back off week.


Christine Petty said...

I used to try to take my mind away from pain when I played football and we did horrible conditioning exercises like wall sits after sprinting, but then after a couple years I realized I wasn't going to last unless I learned to love it. I suppose trying to learn to love pain is similar to trying to find the center. I always found that the horrible 'burn' turned into a sorta fuzzy warmth if I focused on it enough.

Weird what your mind can make your body do.

Royce said...

Very cool Rif I will definately try that. I've been focusing on my breathing instead of the pain. Next swing session I'll try it.

Mark Reifkind said...


exactly. a good saying for powerlifting squat is " you gotta LOVE the hole". If you hate being deep in a squat you will never be strong out of it. same thing here.
pain is a very relative thing.

Christine Petty said...

Rif, I'll remember that-- I'm going to need all the squat help I can get.