Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bounce back.

Woke up feeling pretty good this morning. A little back stiffness but I slept well( meaning I could turn over without pain) and that was really good sign.One of the things I did yesterday that I know helped was to get back to normal movement and ROM as fast as possible. Once the spasm released( tylenol works MUCH better than Aleve; never used it before- this could be good) I got back to moving normally as best I could.
I think the CNS recognized the 'up to now pain free' ROMs and let me do them . THis helped to normalize things I think.The more you splint the longer you stay tight it seems. The G5 helped SO much.Melted the ab spasms fast.
I was very happy with all that I could do today.

One arm swings
12 kg x5/5/5/5x2
16 kgx5/5/5/5x3

work sets
24 kg
180 reps
9540 lbs

this was good enough. back started slowly and loosened up each sets

Snatch( OL pull ascent, corkscrew descent)

20 reps a minute pace.focused on keeping the bell close on the ascent and descent and resting at the top. havent really done the corkscrew technique but it's not that hard,especially with the 16kg. really spares the grip too, as it is supposed to. Focused on technique and pace, not power.
Using the ol style pull/yank as I hip extend takes all the pressure off the biceps and also spares the grip. doing a HS swing snatch really works the crap outa the grip.not the best for reps though. Since my back was tweaky and I didnt snatch the 24 today thought I would fool around a bit.

Snatch holds
45 secx3 set

Face pulls

Very, very happy with being able to train today and not crawling on the floor hoping I can stand up and work monday. I got the lesson on facilitation and it's even fresher in my mind than ever,lol. No need for a refresher course again.No more double kb work or ab dominant stuff.

datsit, gotta stretch.


Randy said...

watch the Tylenol...extremely hard on the liver...the difference in dosage which becomes toxic to the liver is very small: only 3 grams. 4 grams taken over a 24 hour period is considered therapeutic. 7 grams becomes toxic. Tylenol accounts for 20-30% of all liver failure cases in the U.S. Under eat or drink more than a beer a day and the liklihood of liver damage increases even more. Daily tylenol users (one tablet a day) also have double the risk of kidney failure over their lifetimes compared to non users.

I like has toxicity issues too but not as bad as Tylenol. I can enjoy my beer too. very important.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man. I got seriously good relief yesterday with one gram.This morning I took 500 mgs. and feel good.
I am wondering if I have more a pain issue than the inflammation I used to have.
If this is better for me( in terms of relief) than the alleve I can't imagine I would need anywhere near that much.
7 grams would 14 tabs!I dont't drink so that helps too.Ibuprfen does nothing for me- I can take 2400 mgs no problem and feel no relief. 2 alleve a day works much better.
I was down to just one alleve a day.
I will get this knee replaced in the next few years and get off all this shit for good.
thanks again.

fawn friday said...

I second what Randy says... one of my clients is a Dr. of Organic Chemistry... she is a drug designer, she says no Tylenol because of just what Randy said.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks for the feedback. I'm wondering what she would say about a gram a day use? Its pretty amazing how much less pain I am in from the tylenol compared to the alleve.Could you ask her?

fawn friday said...

I see her on Wednesday, I will ask about the one gram. I will pass on what I learn, which I am sure will be more than either of us ever wanted to know. Ha! She and I have discussed Tylenol before, I wish I could remember all of what she said... She is a super brain.

Mark Reifkind said...

I ask because they advertise a time relase tylenol as an 'arthritis' med, which means to me a daily dose.thanks

fawn friday said...

On Tylenol from the O. Chem Prof. Herself...

What is it about Tylenol that makes it an effective pain reliever?

Tylenol relieves pain for some people and has a moderate effect on
fever. It does not relieve inflammation. Since it isn't an
anti-inflammatory like aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxin, it likely
doesn't work on pain in the same way, either. That means that it's
side effects are also different. For example, it has no effect on the
stomach or heart or kidneys that I know of (the kidney thing may not
be right). Aspirin etc works to block a major pathway that creates
prostaglandins, which are a class of regulatory compounds involved in
pain, inflammation, fever, kidney perfusion, heart function, blood
clotting, and a few other important items.

> I know Tylenol can have a negative effect on the liver. What are the
> conditions? How much does one have to take before side effects cause

Your liver normally uses a specific enzyme to degrade Tylenol into a
non-active substance that is eliminated in urine or feces. That enzyme
is also used to degrade a large number of other foreign substances,
including alcohol. You have only so much of that enzyme, and if it's
really busy, the Tylenol (or the other stuff) is shuffled onto another
pathway. That's why there's a warning on the Tylenol bottle about
taking more than 3 alcoholic beverages/day and using Tylenol. The
major, secondary pathway leads to a liver-toxic intermediate. It's
more dangerous than most people think. The liver can heal itself over
time but why stress it? A healthy liver is your friend, after all.
This sounds general. There's a website more detailed if you want it.

> What are the effects when a tiny amount (1 gram) of Tylenol is used
for pain
> relief?

You get a small amount of pain relief. A gram of Tylenol is not a tiny
amount, but the maximum adult dose is about 4 grams. That much can
kill a child. Whether 2 grams is enough to hurt you depends on your
general health, age, and weight. Tylenol is metabolized quickly, so
doesn't last long in your body. It also requires a lot of it to feel
better. Contrast this with IBU: 0.6 g/day = 2.0 g/day of Tylenol = 0.2
g/day naproxin.

> Are certain types of pain treated better by Tylenol?

Headaches. Unless you're prone to ulcers or have blood-clotting
issues, an orthopod usually doesn't tell you to use it for the stuff
we create at the gym.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks so much fawn.thats great info. for me, who does not drink except on rare occasions I dont have a lot of conflicting toxins for my liver to deal with and what I found was that one gram of tylenol worked way better tha 2400+ mgs of ibuprofen. so small amoutns work well for me.
but thats how I am; very susceptible to certain drugs and almost no effect from others