Monday, April 23, 2007

Darc taper.

Well, at least that was the plan, lol. As usual Monday is always a slow starting day for me after eating up and laying around all day yesterday like one of my cats. I absolutely need a day of total rest but it is sure slow going for the Mondays workout.

Knew I wanted to taper a bit for the cert and didnt want to do 100 rep sets but still wanted to put in some work so:

16 kgs x

410 reps PR
14,760 lbs

these were so easy I can't beleive it. woke up pretty quickly after the first set of 50 but settled in very fast. Played alot with tempo of each set slowing down and transfering higher or speed ing up and pulling myself down into hip flexion. When it's light it can be easy :))

snatch holds with 16 kg
45 sec
60 sec x 3 set

rack walks with 20 kg
200 feet per arm
400 feet per lap
4 laps/1600 feet.

these were solid but the right weight.bell didnt touch ground til the end of lap.

BW 164
BF 8.4%
Water 61.2%



Franz Snideman said...

laying around all day like one of your cats? Isn't that was your supposed to do on weekends?


Brett Jones said...

Rif - Gotta rest brother! It is worth the slow start.

Mark Reifkind said...

lol franz,yeah but its still hard to actually do.and yes brett it is,especially when I know why its slow.

Rob O'Brien said...

Rif - Rst if you need it!

Rest is what I need. Thanks for your support during my injury. I am trying to remember it is a
marathon not a sprint.


Rob O'Brien said...


I am not going to the RKC in June. Alot of reasons including my arm/shoulder is not progressing fast enough to get back to 24kg snatches and I can't afford to rush it and screw myself up even more. Have a great time and I hope to meet up with you in the future.


Mark Reifkind said...


sorry to hear you wont make it then but I am sure I will see you at one once you heal.
if I can help you with anything concerning your shoulder let me know.

kaleo96720 said...

What is a DARC?