Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heavy high pulls.

Seems like there is a very intersting macro cycle going on here, which I seem to be following by instinct.Working off my central principle of working as hard as possible while avoiding injuries or "tweaks" at all costs I seem to be varying the loads and intensities just enough to keep increasing my work capacity without a set plan.
Just having a few exercises at my disposal changes the deal as well. I can't do so many things that I have to use my imagination in regards to volume and intensity waves as well as peaks.

Since I PR'ed in the high pulls last week,volume wise, I thought it would be good to go heavy.Far away from last weeks workload but still an increase in work capacity and total load. I know right away if the workload I decided upon will work that day or not. If my whole being goes "ughhh" then I know its not right for the day.If it goes" that sounds interesting" then I'm golden.Usually its pretty much the opposite of what I did last time.

This is pretty much just for hi pulls and pullups but not for snatches or walks. They like a much more linear like increase;very small changes in volume and intensity. THis is where groove is vital.

High Pulls


72x6/6= 48 reps total per round. one minute rest /sets and rounds.

Five rounds= 240 total reps! Nice.

100 reps with 53= 5300 lbs.
80 reps with 62= 4960
60 reps with 72 = 4320
total volume = 14,50 lbs! Nice. total time =35 minutes.

this was perfect,totally different than what I have been doing lately and these fibers were fresh, while the groove was solid from all the reps. good combo.Took me awhile to warmup going so heavy so quickly but by the second round the speed was up and the power was better.Old men take time to warmup it seems.

My wind was very very solid which makes me happy. Before KBs I could do NO cardio because of my knee and this was very frustrating for an old overtrainer like me. I loved to run and bike and swim and train for hours on end.Not being able to push my squat or dl even left me with the cardio condition of a real old man. Love having good recovery and still being able to do hi reps.

Snatch Holds
36x one minute
44x45 seconds
53x30 seconds x 2 sets

these were tough!really let me settle in and focus on pulling the shoulder down and where my leg/hip support was coming from.good stuff

Rack walks
double rack with 36's x 200 feet x3

didnt like these. the single rack is better,especially since I am back to doing double farmers on sats.shoulder and knee adjusting with these

One high one low rack walks
100 feet per armx 2

double farmers walks with 36's
500 feet.

ugh.go back to the singles.

calves,hamstrings and undergrip overhead stretches:10 minutes .SI joint is all better.
Need to stay focused on achieving double undergrip hangs on bar as well. need to do my chinups soon.

bw 163.
bf 10.9%

feel lean as shit.these things NEVER add up to my perception of muscle mass,size or leaness, but it's still good data.

datsit.staying loose.


Tom Furman said...

Good stuff. Your wisdom (screw up when we are young!), speaks volumes.
Clubbells,....The ABC (two handed dvd or book with Doug Szolek are great. Sonnen's first vhs, was lacking. He has new productions. He has the big book of Clubbells as well. I used online articles from and RMAX International to learn. I keep it simple. Start light with those battle scarred shoulder sockets!


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks tom,too bad its taken me so long to learn I dont have to kill myself to get "better".better late than never....
thanks for the cbell info and believe me I will.first in line tho is my new heavy bag which should be here this week!