Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hi Pull PR. Climbing that hill and thanks to Ken Black.

Did not expect this. Slept poorly last night and sweated out too making me once tight cranky dude this am. Just hoped to get through this one but I'm on a roll it seems.

Snatch Hi Pull Ladders

x20/20= 180 in 15 minutes
x 2 rounds=360 all time volume PR. 35 minutes

started off with the idea of doing 10/10/5/5 and get used to switching to get some higher volume but whenever I think about doing it I just never do. Did these ladders instead and they were SOLID. Started off too explosively but then settled in when I thought about the workout as big hill I had to climb and realized I had to pace myself. All reps were the same upper chest/chin height pull. Just didnt try to accelerate maximally the entire time.Stayed focus on waiting for the bell to start its forward swing THEN snapping the hips with it.

Also on pulling the shoulder DOWN as the bell begins to float. ALso realized if I just push my hips back first to descend and THEN deal with the bells trajectory it is much easier on the grip and arm as the hip leads the bell as well as keeping it in it closer over my feet.

The hill climb analogy worked well till the last two sets; then I invoked Ken Blacks visualization of the knee as the fulcrum with half the energy going into the floor and the other half up,extending the femur and hip. worked really well and I could breathe through my nose the entire time. 360 reps is 48 more reps than my old pr.

Waiters Walks

3 sets of 200 feet each arm 1200 feet total with 16 kg. I was dead. the hi pulls killed me.

band kickbacks

we'll see. wanted to do 2 kb olympic cleans but there was nothing for that.

BW 163.2
BF 10.0%

Too much sweating and not enough fiber ;((

datsit, time to stretch.


Ken Black said...

Glad it helped out Rif. I am humbled that it was a help to you. Big congrats on the PR!

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Nice Job are a volume monger! No way in H*## I can do the amount of volume that you seem to do regularly...impressive.
Ken Black is a really good S&C coach, (you don't give yourself enough credit man!)-anyways, many congrats on the PR.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks guys. I am a semi- unrepentent overtrainer.I am just so freakin happy I can train semi hard again.Ken, it really helped a lot.