Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Light High pulls and a new volume pr.

Inspired by Kenneths Jays KB study using the 16 kg snatch( achieving 96% max VO2 at max heartrate!) and having done a heavy pull day last week I decided 10 sets of 40 reps might be in order, switching every ten.

I have had little desire to do high reps since Mike Castro kicked my ass so thoroughly getting ready for the RKC. But my wind has been coming up very steadily of late and 'climbing the hills' have been much easier. I am settling into a strength endurance state of mine.

I have been afraid of the 16 kg for a long time. Afraid to spend too much time with such a "light" weight. BUt reps is reps and light is critical for it to stay loose, and getting tight is the death knell of endurance. SO 16 kg it is. I like the round numbers. 400 reps sounded good. Old pr with the 20 kg is 360. 40 more with a light weight should be no problem, right? LOL, this is always how I get myself in trouble but we'll shall see.

High Pulls

36x10/10/10/10 x 10 sets
400 reps,14,400 pounds

53x10/10x5 sets
100 reps,5300 pounds

total reps = 500! total tonnage=19,700 pounds!

Good thing I didnt know it was that close to 20,000 pounds I would have finished it off!

each set took about one minute and I rested about 1.5-2 minutes beween sets. Nick was there to bench and company always makes me train harder; which is why I try to avoid it. It took five sets to get loose enough to really explode and the last five sets were the easiest,even as I fatigued. I was loose and could jump.

After that I figured, "500 is a great number and I feel good( it had been about 30 minutes) lets go for 500" So I took the 24 kg( warmed up now it felt LIGHT) and banged them out. Like the old days. PUSH baby PUSH. Gonna pay later though.

Oh yeah, day four off voltaren. Just aspirin (1 gm) and alleve(440 mg) split up. So far so good.

Snatch Overhead Holds

20kgx one minute x 3 sets

harder than it should be. up from the 16 kg last time and 45 sec.

rack walks
20 kg x 200 feet 6 times, alternate arms. 1200 feet.

I am beat. Left glute is saying hello. this could be good or bad, we'll see tomorrow.lots of stretching and hydrating to do.
My swing groove is really settling in and I am getting more comfortable all the time.

bw 163.6
bf 10%

datsit.stay loose.

oh yeah the heavy bag is in and I got it tentatively set up in the power rack. this will be fun!

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Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Where can I read Kenneth Jay's study on the snatch? I knew he had a very good study going on when I met him at the RKC. It sounded very interesting, to say th eleast, and I would like to know his findings.