Saturday, August 26, 2006

USST snatch training

well, I finally made myself do some higher rep snatches ,switching hands as I would in a5 or 10 minutes snatch test. Every time I have tried to make myself do these types of workouts I would chicken out. After the 500 hi pulls on wednesday I had more confidence in my cardio and it worked great! I am going to sneak up on these tests.


53x5/5/5/5 x 8 sets
160 total reps
8480 total pounds.

This was a great start. good compromise too as the total number of reps done was a good backoff number for me but the intensity was good with the 20 reps per set.Legs definitely were the weak link as they got the most fatigued on the second time through.
I can also see how my legs letting tired encourage me pulling with my arms. This is great lower body training for me. wind was good but it was more challenging than normal.
Only two of use today so it was a fast pace.

36x10/10 x2

these are great!

Heavy Bag

3 one minute rounds

my first time ever hitting one of these and it was cool. Mostly jabs and straight right and then combos.lots of fun.

bw 162.4
bf 10.4%

man, I hate writing down anything with 2 digits!

datsit, staying loose.

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