Saturday, August 12, 2006

Latvian snatch technique training

Knew I needed a light day so it was the 20kg today.Have been studying the Lativian Arturo's snatch video that Tom showed us the other day and decided to try to play with his technique. I deadlift with a really high hip and a lot of lean and thought this form might fit me. Sure enough it was very natural from the get, always a good sign.

My knees don't like to bend anyways and my lumbo/pelvic rythym is such that if I lean forward at all my hips shift back.Trying to sit back with little lean engages my quads and not my hips and back. This was a major problem in powerlifting as I tried to adapt to the "correct technique" and it never felt right.

This was easy to mimic from the start and I even felt my grip shifting to the first two fingers instead of the two middle ones that I usually pull from.I was towards the inner curve as well, isntead of dead center as always.AND I was almost fully pronating my arm in the bottom something that NEVER felt right before.

However I was leaning over way more than ever before and it seemed to 'clear a pathway' into the backswing. thats the only way I can describe it.This style definitely turns the hip into the hinge and the fulcrum."riding the brookstick",i.e. keeping the arm and the bell high in the crotch was much easier too and my shoulder and biceps felt well protected. much less tendency to pull with my arm. could feel that immediately. ALso the 'yank' was strong too and kept the bell in over the base very easily. grip felt little stress and forearms much less pump than normal with 12 rep sets.

Definitely felt my body turn INTO a pendulum.Again, only way I can describe it.We'll see, however if I can walk tomorrow. More focused load on the back and upper hips.

7 am

RIFGA stretch 15minutes

9 am
Latvian Snatch

44x12/12 x7 sets= 168 reps
7392 pounds. a good backoff week number

Bottoms up clean
53x3/3 suprisingly strong/havent done these in awhile
62x3/3 easy!
72x3/3x2 sets. these were as solid as I have done. cant do these too often though.

2 kb farmers walk
2 53's x100 feet,15 sec rest x7 laps.

thanks to Ken for the inspiration for both these moves. the double farms felt good,havent done them in months.

26x10/10x 4 sets

These rock. tired at the end though. wanted to do five. next week.

will weigh in later when I am rehydrated before I eat.

BW 163.6
BF 10/7%

still not fully watered but its ok.


Ken Black said...

Solid Rif. Nice work on the BU cleans bro! Have a good weekend.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks ken.we'll see how this teshnik fares tomorrow. might be too much on the back.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice job on the bottom's up clean. You and Ken are going to be the masters at this exercise. Do you do BU presses?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks. the bottoms up clean has always been pretty easy for me. I do do the press but its rare as I seem to do better doing it infrequently rather than regularly.I burn out on it quickly, same with the cleans as I work my grip gets hammered by the bodywork I do on clients.
I've pressed the 24 kg b/u and just missed the 28 about 3/4. Time to do that again soon.