Monday, August 14, 2006

Character training.

Havent had one of these days in awhile. Felt great all morning til the last client and then just started to lock up like a big dog. So much of my knee problem is from a really tight ,weak and unstable left ankle( when I ripped out my knee it was my foot that was stuck in the wrestling mat). When I lose dorsiflexion the knee is right next in line to be "out".
SLow pace today as each set was supersetted with stretching, foam roller or thumping work.

Saturday's GS experiment definitely overloaded my left SI and is a perfect example of although I am "better at it" then the form I am using; and it will probably increase my snatch numbers, I shouldn't and won't use it. I am too strong and explosive for my connective tissues and joints and probably have been for quite some time. I need the safest form that most fully distributes the load top to bottom. My old snatch for is fine, back to that.

6,7,8,5,6,7,5,5,5,5,5,6= 70 reps.

these were done touch and go. outside of my right teres and levator being tight these were easy.

Supersetted with

Clean and Press

53x5/5x5 sets

These were strong and easy but I would like to find another exercise to take the place of these on Mondays.The pullups rock but the presses always seem to overload my levator and teres. snatches, however do not.maybe I'll try do cleans by themselves, supersetted with the pullups. that's definitely worth a try.

Something heavier than the snatches on saturdays but lower reps than a hi pull or swing workout, which I cant do afters saturdays volume.I can vary with the bottoms up or regular cleans for reps up to ten. that should be interesting.I dont need more front delt. presses just dont interest me.

Racks Walks

single 36# x 200 feet. 3 laps each arm 1200 total.

these actually helped my knee a bit.

bw 162
bf 10.9%

have to stop eating that damn licorice. I cant resist it. back to ice cream. oh yeah, I was still eating ice cream. I think I see the problem.

datsit. gotta go get loose.

I've got to get Tracy to post a blog.She did 100 rep swing, snatch transfer sets today with the 26 in three minutes. She took a two minute rest and did six more. 700 plus reps again.amazing.


Ken Black said...

Rif you are a smart man.
I found a nice connection with the bottom up clean and pullups. I know you said you do a lot of body work and so the grip is fried but it may be a nice change.

Mark Reifkind said...

ken, I think if I separate the cleans from a grip destroyer like the snatch or hi pulls I will be alright. My shoulders just dont need presses and I think I will retain plenty of pressing power just from snatching and overhead walks and holds.
oh and thanks but I aint that smart, just obsessed,lol.

Tom Furman said...

Mark, Play with some Clubs. Start light, get the skills, then use them to augment your goals with KBells.
CB Rockers may be knee friendly. The shoulder work is a functional change from the linear Kettlebells.
Ken, Mike Mahler, and I all use them.

Mark Reifkind said...

good idea TOm, I was thinking aobut getting some a while ago and forgot about them. have to learn the basics, can you recommend a dvd?