Saturday, August 05, 2006

Snatch PR. 210 reps

I love training for PR's. It's so satisfying. By keeping track of them and wave load training I can be like Alexeev and keep breaking pr's by a few pounds( reps for me). Of course for Alexeev it was World records and he got paid each time, no matter how small a new record it was. Me too. I get paid big time just by knowing for sure I am getting better.

2 KB Olympic Clean
( outside legs)
36'sx8x3 sets

I like these.Will try them Wednesday with the 53's to see if I can avoid smacking my knees.

Swing Snatch

x8/8= 42 reps Five rounds= 210 reps/all time PR!
11,130 pounds

excellent. after last weeks 192 I knew I should go for a pr today instead of a back off week.went med fast, probably about 1.5 min/sets as I had to wedge in between Nicks squat sets. total time 45 minutes or so. Going slowly though really allows for more power output on each set.even the last sets were fast.

I also really focused on throwing the weight into the backswing more than ever today and it worked great! Really pulled me into the hips and produced a much more powerful stretch reflex.keep working on this and in hi pulls.Definitely hard style though, lol, as its bigger ROM.


these are great,can really feel them between the shoulder blades.

Bosu one foot stands; ten minutes of alternating legs. not strong at all I really need to get back to these.

bw 162
bf 11%

these early moring weighins on Saturday never give me enough time to rehydrate. Leaner than ever though and the mirror says the same thing;no worries.

datsit, staying loose.


Geoff Neupert said...

"Bosu one foot stands; ten minutes of alternating legs. not strong at all I really need to get back to these."

Why--Are you surfing?

Geoff Neupert said...

Also, nice job on the PR.

I miss them--haven't had any performance PRs in a long time.

Mark Reifkind said...

hey geoff,good to hear from you. you can always sets prs if you set your sights low enough,lol! I've had to really lower my expectations although absolute numbers are good.

before I would have wanted to chase 200 in ten minutes no matter how hard it trashed me. now I'm very very happy with 200 anyway.


oh yeah, for the bosu, I really need some more left leg static strength. my alignment is gettingmuch better in my forked left knee and I think these will help if I dont do too much. same as the kb walking.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice numbers, Great PR. Your training obviously is working. The results speak volumes!!!


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz,simplicity and consistency seem to be my best weapons.

Joefitness said... time Ken Black is in town we should get together. He has a very cool KB JM workout. I have it on video

Nice Rif, great work

Mark Reifkind said...

absolutely Joe, just let me know.