Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Really got the sense that I was putting in the miles today during my workout. Very much like I did when I did a daily hour run for many moons.Or when I was racing bikes and knew I had to get a certain amount of miles in to make the weekly total I wanted. Not saying I am sane, but it is the truth.

I get a very strong sense of accomplishment and control when I get these things done regularly and feel like I am getting strong and have more stamina.But it was uphil getting started today. Took a 20 minute power nap after the last client to try to clear my head and get in the right mental space.AS well as decide what to do. I did 500 reps last week and heavy the week before that so medium was on the table. The 53 sounded right.


30 minutes rifga stretching

10 am
15 minutes overhead dislocates with jo stick. This has been seriouly neglected and today I really felt its potential for opening up my right shoulder.

1:15 pm
High Pulls

x14/14 x2= 200 reps in 30 min/10,600 pounds
x5/5x 5 sets in 10 min.

took forever to get warmed up and find 'todays' groove, but I knew not to push it.Thought I was going to do sets of ten but that seemed too hard. After the first 100 I was ready to push a little and legs and lungs were good. I knew I wanted more than 200 but didnt want any more reps. the sets of five were very explosive and done with little rests /sets.

One of the things I hate about high reps sets is having to cut the intensity in order to makeit through. I much prefer to go all out and die quickly.kinda like powerlifting. kinda like ONE rep,lol. Good to be in better shape but it is sheer hard work.After all these years of not being able to do any cardio this feels good. being a powerlifter was easier.

Snatch holds
53x30/30 seconds each arm x4 sets

these were interesting. left arm is so easy as it sits perfectly in the socket. the right is constantly being pulled forward by my tight clavicular pec ,front delt and lats. I decided to do a little neuormuscular therapy so I squeezed the upper outer right pec with the left hand as I held the way. MAN it released quickly and my arm slid further back then it has been. Cool. more shoulder dislocates with stick.

Rack walks with 44
100 feet each arm for sets of 200 feet.

100 feet total

rough today. out of gas.just wanted to get it done.knee is not sitting right lots of calf NMT needed.

bw 161.6
bf 11% !!!!

dont feel dehydrated and the mirror is better than ever. very strange. lighter and definitely feel and look leaner but the scale is up. mirror lies less.


Joefitness said...

Mental Strength and Power...this is a great lesson you have taught today and I have learned before from you.

Nice work and great revelations.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, getting through is sometimes all you get.

Ken Black said...

Chalk it up to experience Rif;) Hey I found this you might get a laugh: