Sunday, August 27, 2006

New training partner

Found a new training partner, or Tracy did, at the Flea Market. He( or she?) is a bit lean but got some great curves.
Decided to put RIFGA stretching on the schedule for Sundays so I dont end up so locked up on Mondays from laying around all day.
RIFGA( 20 minutes)
floor work
tuck and rolls
pike stretch( dorsi and plantar flexion)
straddle stretches overhead reaches
downward dog
horse stance
shoulder stretch from dw dog
prone cobra
upward facing dog
sun salutation( knee stretch variation)
spider squat stretch
L sit stretches
High bar stretches
single and double arms
over and under grips single arms
Overhead stick stretch dislocates
RIFGA floor work again
( on the second go round, on the shoulder stretchs from downward dog I really got the arms in tight and a serious stretch, right from the scapulas.I heard/felt my right shoulder "clunk" and hoped/prayed it was a good one. It seemed to be external but I never know til I get up and try to move.
I think my shoulder dislocated IN, and feels like it is 'sitting right' for the first time in a long time. Its been way better than ever these last few months but still not really floating around in their. Dont know how long it will last but it feels great right now.
as I raise my arms the humeral head glides, as it should, and not lock, as it seems to want to do.
feel much better stretched out.


Joefitness said...

Love it! I have been doing JM or RIFGA or dynamic flexibility/yoga daily. I love it and that is part of what I went 'back to school for"

The dynamic with the Yogas and basics like Horsestance are just awesome

Tom Furman said...

I assume you got the spine via a "Predator style" move. Goes with that necklace of ears.;-)

markrif said...

tom, lol, hadnt even thought of that but it is now the official story line!now gotta get me some ears.

joe,I'm almost ready to go to ashtanga yoga on thursdays at Darshana. I am really enjoying staying stretched out.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Love the battle trophy, Rif! The downward dog stretches really work for my shoulders, glad that the "clunk" was a good sound. No more injured RKCs!

Joefitness said...

Ashtanga is an amazing Yoga...what time?

markrif said...

I think there is a noon class thursdays.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice spine. A therapist told me the other day that I could develop X-ray vision and could visualize what happens inside each clients spine it would help me train clients on a totally new level. I have model spine in my back treatment room - very cool!

Keep up the stretching/mobility work, looks interesting!!!!

markrif said...


I agree absolutely! I do that all the time with that and other techniques. Studying gymnastic routines frame by frame for years gave me a very interesting "eye" and visualization techniques. heal fast brother.