Monday, August 21, 2006

Cleans and pullups.

weird day. had two last minute cancels this AM and got off early (plenty of stretch time) but still was creaky by training. I am also making another attempt at getting of the prescription nsaids and that might have something to do with it. Just good old aspirin and alleve. we'll see. two days so far.


72x5/5x5 sets


Tactical Pullups( long pause at bottom)
3,4,5,6x 3 rounds = 54
total reps = 61

not bad for tacticals. shoulder was tight from two hours of straight bodywork on the last two clients.

Waiters Walks
36#x200 feet per arm 4 laps per arm 1600 feet total, new pr.

Shadow Boxing: (4)45 sec rounds

getting ready for my new bag! This should be fun.

overhead stretching and RIFGA for legs 10 minutes.

supersetted these with the last sets of pullups. these are definitely getting better.
this was one of those' just get er dun' days.

will weigh in later. need more water.

datsit, staying loose


BW 163.6
BF 9.9% dats it.


Ken Black said...

Congrats on the PR Rif. Nice work on the pullups bro. Good luck getting off the prescription.

Tom Furman said...

Inflammation?? Read GreenGhosts comments at IGX under Coconut oil in the training forum. Not for everyone, but he has had ten knee operatons, martial arts, Marines, bodybuilding, boxing, SWAT, etc. Cut, paste, and print his Log. Study it. Eddie is one of the smartest trainers around. His knee was SO bad he would trip and fall at the mall a few years ago. Check nuggets too for a collection of Eddie posts. --Tom

Franz Snideman said...

Looks like good stuff Rif. Keep up the intelliegent training.

Getting off those meds can be difficult. IT's hard to have pain, trust me I know. Good luck and be well!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks ken,we'll see how it goes, so far so good.

tom, I've read all of GG's stuff but I couldnt go to zero carbs, well, lets say won't go to zero.It's not jsut inflammation but bone on bone arthritis. no articular cartiledge , no meniscus, no acl,pcl, no nothing.

he can dl too and that much tension kills my knee. He's a smart guy but gives me all kinds of shit on IG and is basically a prick towards me whenver he can.he also hates Pavel and DD and that doesnt sit too well with me.