Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rifga and Bosu

30 minutes of Rifga stretching.

really concentrated on opening up the left hamstring and calf as well as the right shoulder, getting ready for tomorrows presses. Lots of hanging from the power rack both single arm and both at the same time. I can feel the thoracic myofascia stretching open big time in this move. Great antagonist to sitting. Lots of downward and upward facing dogs.

Spoke with Mike C yesterday and told him how happy I was training fully barefoot. He asked if I was doing Bosu barefoot. I realized I havent been doing bosu at all and am probably ready to bring it back in the mix. One good thing about building a big foundation is you have more energy and can do more movements to work on more weak points.

Bosu stands barefoot two and one foot. ten minutes.


Zachariah Salazar RKC CES said...

Training the feet is not thought about much. Calf presses and yer done! The kind of strength endurance you get from standing on a bosu transfers very well to attributes from preventing injury-shores up against overpronation for one thing. Combined with the ballistic loading of kettlebells and you have a great mix! zzzzzzzzz

Mark Reifkind said...

I did a bunch of it last year and it was good. then it seemed the extra tension in my leg caused more trouble than the stability it brought helped.

so I've been stretching things out more and I think I'm ready for it. we'll see.

Brett said...

Rif, can you expound on RIFGA stretching? Not sure what that is .... Thanks, and I do enjoy reading your blog. You have almost convinced me to purchase some kettlebells!

Mark Reifkind said...


rifga is my little joke on yoga:
Rifs Yoga- Rifga.Basically it is my VERY individualized series of yoga like poses that I have designed to address exactly the areas that are tight and need to be stretched and to NOT stretch those that don't need it.

Any basic yoga class will do all kinds of poses I dont need and spend way too little time on the ones I do.
Gots to work YOUR weakpoints to improve.Can't be the same for everyone.