Saturday, October 07, 2006

All time snatch PR

Decided to go for a real pr since last week was a tie. In retrospect it was not a good idea to do such a heavy wednesday hi pull workout as the first few sets today were shockingly sluggish.Oh well, you pick it you play it. I didnt feel in danger of hurting myself, just a lot of suffering.

Sets were 7/7,8/8,9/9. hate anything close to ten reps.

Snatch with 24 kg

x9/9= 48 reps x 4 rounds= 192 reps
x6/6= 38 reps
Total reps= 230 !!! all time highest number
Total weight= 12,190 pounds! thats even better!

Only two of us this took a long time, 40 minutes, as I was letting my partner take too long a break as I knew pushing the pace in my semi weakened state wasnt good my bones either.
Got two very nice blisters but no tears! Next week will definitely be a down week with the 20 kg and go back to fives with multiple transfers.back to longer sets for awhile.

Going to add in a field day monday to see if that works for getting more gpp and legs without frying my arms so much.dragging the sled was a revelation.I think it has all kinds of possiblities.

36x8/8 x2

One foot calf raises

dats it staying loose. weigh in later.


Ken Black said...

Nice Rif. Congrats on the PR! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks dude. I be tired now.

Royce said...

Damn Rif you are taking off dude!!
Way to go, that is some serious poundages and reps.

Tom Furman said...

You are on your way to Michael Castrogiovani's 88x10/10x10set swing workout!

Impressive volume with your battle scars. This shows good training, understanding feedback, and balancing the plan with intuition.


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, it was tough though.


I had forgotten about Mikes swings but they were with the 97 lb monster not the bulldog! and no I dont have THAT kind of masochism in me. 300 total will be fine eventually but I will have to do it with less reps as I HATE sets of ten or more, lol!
thanks for the props though, much appreciated. not bad for an old broken up dude.