Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bodyfat scale experiments

It always interests me how what I eat, do or sweat affects the readings on my tanita bodyfat scale. Saturdays is always a lower water day for me as I start eating earlier than weekdays and dont have my normal 8 hours after waking to take in fluids. So it was no surprise to me this am when my scale read high.

then I decided to test things with a hot bath, which always seems to LOWER my BF % on the scale, even though the scale is measuring water levels.

pre bath

bw 162.4
bf 14.5 %
hydration level 56%

post bath

bw 161.2
bf 10.4%
hydration level 59% !!!!

that is very strange. I sweated and lost water and measured a higher level of hydration. very wierd. I will take it again after hydrating more before I start eating later.


Tom Furman said...

Weird. There is a whole thread on Lyle McDonald's page about the Tanita.
Check my blog on Body Comp. Strange minds think alike!

markrif said...

will do thanks