Monday, October 16, 2006

KB Fartlek

yes, I said fartlek. It is a swedish , I think, for 'running about in the woods'. It is a runners term and is used to describe an unstructured run, including sprints of different lengths and intensities, flats and hills and interspersing hard efforts with light ones.

I took the 16 kgs out to the park( which was overwatered again! ugh, a swamp) and proceeded to drag, rack walk, farmers walk, walking swing, drag again, farmers again,etc. for different times and lengths. It was cool but I do need a sled I think. Always worried about tearing up the field.So much easier to do point to point walks as the goal is so clear. easier to focus. knee held up well and walked about for 30 minutes. drove there today as I wanted all the walking on the grass and sand.

the walking swings, for about 100 feet, kicked my ass and I will have to include this one in the mix more regularly!

Tactical pullups

This was interesting; doing pullups AFTER all that slogging but it went well although energy was just not good today. Woke up all kinds of crazy times during the night and just generally was on a low cycle. Power though it and get what I can.Bodyfat is up too. I can feel winter coming on and those hot days where I sweated my ass off are almost non existant. I can see why people love sauna, or even bikram. sweat cleanses and heals.

TPU All Paused at bottom

Did 4 sets of 6, then 4 sets of five the 4 sets of 4
60 total reps/20 minutes . ugh. this was dead as expected after last weeks 105 and dragging first. I'll take it.

Need to do another day of static hangs and scap pullups.really open up the shoulders.When I get too much into pullup numbers ROM is the first thing to suffer. got to really HANG in the bottom and stretch a lot too.

weight later.

datsit, trying to stay loose.


john said...

Fartlek KB. What a great idea that brings healthy "play" into the equation. And it's outdoors, too. Can't wait to try this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

we were told that fartlek was Swedish for "speed play".

Mark Reifkind said...

ah yes, speed play, thats it(it's been years) but running about in the woods is close, lol.