Friday, October 20, 2006

Another incarnation

The week before the San Jose Open, 1987. 175 lbs. This seems like another lifetime ago.


Brett said...

Wow! You were ripped! Do you miss bodybuilding?

Royce said...

Hey I know BB is bad for us but I still think it looks really cool.
I even like that "collection of parts" Pavel doesn't like.

You were very striated there dude, lots and lots of dedication, work, and sacrifice in that picture I would imagine.

Mark Reifkind said...

occasionally I do miss it. its the mascochist in me I guess :))

royce, yeah it does look good but it is so non functional. I think of it as my 'immature' phase,lol.and yes TONS of works, pain and sacrifice, of that there is no doubt.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...


You monster! Very 80's, but a great pic nonetheless.


Mark Reifkind said...

lol, 80's for sure! thanks pete.

Franz Snideman said...

Yikes. You look great in that photo!(even if you couldn't move well at the time)

Mark Reifkind said...

franz au contraire. bodybuilding didnt mess me up and when that photo was taken I could still run,sprint, ride my bike etc. it's powerlifting that really screwed me up.