Monday, October 02, 2006

Hill work and lots of pullups

Just a slog today. Long day at the office with the normal bs associated with any business and my back was talking to me all morning. Havent had back tension in so long
I've almost forgot what its about. Well I got a good reminder today. I honestly think it's just the barometer dropping as I've been doing the same things and getting fully stretched out.

This will be the first winter in 7 years with no prescription nsaids. should be interesting.
I got the back back into extension but then the knee dropped out. I like to tell people there is only ONE pain; it just moves around the body. I chase it around but havent gotten to get out fully yet. one day. Having very loose ligaments and hypermobile joints sucks. The glory of elite gymnastics.

Also decided to NOT do two handed swings as I of course thought my back was associated with them.bilateral flexion/extensions moves probably still are not the best moves for me.Too much ab work or tension and the lumbar spine freaks out. So transfers it was.

H2H Transfers

44x20x4 sets 3520 pounds
53x20x4 sets 4240

160 reps/7760 pounds.

Not bad. These felt very light, fast and loose. supersetted a 20 k with a 24 kg one and kept the reps at 20 each. This was interesting as I havent done this move in almost a year( for sets/reps anyway). Knew I had to start slow and they felt great. the short stroke of the two handed swings but the looseness in the arm of the hi pull. of course we won't really know until tomorrow :))

Supersetted with Tactical pullups

5,5,5 = 84 total reps

the last two rounds were supersetted with Farmers walks with the 36's
200 feet 5 times= 1000 feet

Heavy Bag

2 songs
30 seconds rest
2 songs

left leg calf raise
bwx5 slow
8kgx5 x2

really focusing on getting the knee fully locked out at terminal knee extension and ankle platar flexion and zipping up all the muscles. its so weak I cant beleive it but of course thats mainly cause the joint wont hold.havent worked this position in years and I used to have really strong calfs.
was getting a wee bit fatigued at the end I must admit but felt better going out than coming in

will weigh later I know I didnt drink enough.


Franz Snideman said...

Great workout. I liked it, especially the pull ups. Your lats must be quite strong and developed by now. Should we call you "Bat man" or "LAT MAN" ?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz, I will choose batman as my lats are not all that. I am getting much more confortable hanging by my hands and the pauses are really helping the shoulder ROM as well. wanted to do 100 but just wasnt the day.

Joefitness said...

Love the bag work. I have been doing some shadow and it is very cool. No bag work yet, first getting down the technique but I plan on adding bag work soemtime.

Mark Reifkind said...

joe, it always amazes me how loose I am afterwards. I would have though I would get super tight but the opposite happens. love to go by the songs and just get lost in it.