Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just a wee bit too much.

Not even 24 hours after all that dragging and the hips are starting to lock up bigtime and the back is usually right behind that,lol.Hopefully I can cut it off at the pass before the real D.O.M.S sets in.

The combo of the power belt to push on, which fired the abs hard, and a decent forward lean, which got the hips working and 5000 feet more than I am used to was a bit too much .

oh well tons of h2o and even more stretching should keep it from going nuts.

bw 161.2
bf 10.1%


Tom Furman said...

Here is thought that comes from that cornacopia of useless knowledge in my brain. If you have access to a pool, walk, then eventually run in waist deep water. No negative, no DOMS.

Alternate with the drag workout. Invest in an Ironman harness. We used that in the DVD when we shot it.

Mark Reifkind said...

that is a good idea tom and i've thought of it myself. I'm just pretty lazy to go to the Y and get signed up etc.

I think the harness might take some load off the abs and thus my back.
I just did too much. I got excited when it didnt hurt and I could move well again.everything has its price. it was worth it( if I can walk tomorrow :))/

Ken Black said...

Sorry to hear that Rif. Sounds like a lot of friction dragging the bells through wet & thick grass. I use tow straps on the sled which would be another option for you. You can hold them out at arms length or in the racked position. Shouldn't be too hard on the shoulders. Also you could try putting the bells in a plastic snow sled that would take away some of the friction. Just some thoughts. Hope that you are feeling better tommorow.

markrif said...

no worries ken, I'm better already. just a bit too much loading on the abs and glutes tighten me up. I should have not dragged the 72 so far and stayed with the 16. I'll get the correct load figured out fast :))

i wnat to get away from any more arm work so perhaps the shoulder harness.