Friday, October 20, 2006

Warming up

Knee went back in today. It's been "out", or subluxed for the last two days. Not a lot of fun but now it's in and I can walk again. Too much kb dragging I'm afraid and I think the grip limitations of farmers,rack and waiters walks are a good thing. Too much direct work on the leg right now and its hard to know where the edge is when it feels so good when I am doing it.

The problem is not doing the workout, but surviving it,lol.

That's a problem with trying to rehab a limb with a structurally bad joint. If the muscles get too tight,even "good" tight, it tends to pull things in the wrong direction. Have to settle for being less strong and more mobile. Walking is good.Pain is boring.Knee pain anyway.

Going to use the two handed swing as a warmup for tomorrow snatch workout. The early start on Saturdays is not optimal and I tend to rush into the snatch as I always have a ton of reps to do.Problem is my hips take A LONG time to get warmed up and if I push it too early the arm gets involved. I will keep the reps low, 3-5 and use it to open up the hips.

Been trying to figure a way to put the two hand swing back in but control the volume. This could be it. Use low reps and really get the hips to get opened up BEFORE I start to warm up the snatch. We'll see. Will do some two hand swings all the way overhead too to open up the shoulders.

The shoulder feels great by the way and my body liked the idea of low rep heavier sets. I can tell because it didnt smite me down for even thinking of adding it back in.


Royce said...

Good, glad the shoulder held up.
I know I've said it before but it must be hell with one foot on the gas and one one the brakes.

Cool that you get to add some of what you are best at back in the mix

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, I am excited about being able to play with some heavy bells again too. just have to go slow.