Monday, October 09, 2006

Rif Family Double PR day.

I thought I had good news to tell Tracy today when, inspired by Kenneth Jay's statement that he uses for triples a weight he can do 25 with I decided to do lots of low rep tactical pullup sets and hit an all time PR of 105 reps in 29 minutes.I have been working my way up to sets of ten and needed a low rep day.

With Steve Cotter hitting some huge numbers with this protocol as well I was even more inspired.

Tracy was also pushing some iron this morning and did 400 Snatches in 29 minutes as well! She used the 12 kg and did 10/10 with a 30 second break. This cycle took 90 seconds and she did 20 of them in the 29 minutes. This was also after an hour and a half Bikram yoga session!

She decided that wasnt enough and did another hundred reps in 12 minutes.she did 12 and 12 each side, which took 90 with 60 seconds rest. Five total sets!So 500 snatches in 41 minutes. She said she felt strong today and just went for it. I should say so.

Tactical pullups
3,4,5 =12 rep roundx 4 rounds=60 reps
3 rep setsx 15 rounds= 45 reps

total reps 105 in 29 minutes. all time pr!

This started out badly as I got a cancellation and decided to do these by themselves, instead of as part of a superset with transfers or cleans or whatever. I was 4 hours ahead of schedule as well and felt as warm as an ice brick, even after 20 minutes of stretching at 5:30 am.Gettin old sure is fun :))
I thought I would cut it at 60 reps as things felt tight, crampy and just not flowing. Even the fives were getting tough; I am not used to following myself on these. Much, much harder. Bu thten I did a few sets of 3 and got warm. I just kept going and then realized 100 was in sight as well as 30 minutes total. ALl were solidly paused at the bottom although the last reps of the last few sets were BARELY touching chin.

Field Day

Farmers walked 2 16 kg kbs to park 1500 feet away from house.
Dragged 16 kg 1000 feet
2 /16 kg 1000 feet x 2
16 kg 1000 feet x 4 30 second rest /sets
2/16 kg 500 feet x2
farmers walked 2 16 kg home 1500 feet

Woo freaking hoo! This was hard but great fun~!!! The fact that I could actually do it is amazing. when I was leaning into the sled and being able to push off it reminded me so much of when I ran.nothing like being able to move your own bodyweight strong and effortlessly.

I stopped well short of what I wanted to do knowing I had to walk them home and I have no idea how things are going to hold up. The field was thick grass, totally soaked. It was great.Just tied these to my power belt and pulled!

Heavy bag

2 songs righty,1 song southpaw.

Rifga : 10 minutes

bw 160.4( that's low)
bf 10.6%
hydration 59%

I'm always worried when I do new things so I will stretch and pray alot tonite,lol!

datsit staying loose.


Franz Snideman said...

Way to go Rif. 105 pull ups in 29 minutes is no joke. My PR is 100 but it took me longer than 29 minutes :)

Congrat's to your wife on 500 + snatches. I'm jeleous and look forward to being able to train hard again in the near future!
Great Job!

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Holy Smokes! The Reifkind house is rocking! Amazing work....I am feeling very wimpy after reading that post. Well done.

Tom Furman said...

Very impressive. The neural pathways were tunneled in the gymnastics days for pullups no doubt!

Mark Reifkind said...

franz, thanks a alot. I was suprised that I got them actually, considering how i felt when I started.

and tom, yes, that pullup groove is hard wired for every time you get up on rings, or pbar or high bar you are doing some kind of pullup.nice to have them back

and pete, thanks man; get to work :))

Ken Black said...

I think you should change the name to the rifstonian Zoo;) You guys are animals. Awesome Rif! Congrats to your wife thats huge!

Mark Reifkind said...

cool ken, I like that, house of animals,lol.thanks,

Royce said...

Wow talk about a fit couple!!
I bet that farmers walk at the end was a smoker.
Like Pete I am feeling wimpy after reading this!!

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah royce, after all that dragging walking those puppies back home was,ahem, challenging. but thats whats so great about wlaking them to the training spot. no way to get home without carrying them. built in motivation!