Sunday, October 29, 2006

Living from your goal.

The hardest thing to do in training,for most, is to do what is
necessary for progress towards ones stated goal, rather than what one likes to do the most. Bodybuilding has such great examples. So many gym bodybuilders have great chest and arm development. But much fewer have great legs much less great backs and calves. Chest and arms are fun to do and the results are very obvious. Proper leg training is sheer torture and requires great discipline and a very high pain tolerance. A dash of masochism doesnt hurt either.

Very similar in powerlifting as well. Good progress in one's squat and bench with much less success in the much more difficult deadlift. Gear hardly helps the dl as well so much less cheating.

The diet provides a myriad of opportunities to act in opposition to what your stated goals are. It is hard no doubt. It all depends on your motivation, which depends on your inspiration. That is why I work very hard at finding things, and keeping them in front of me, that inspire me. This blog is very much a part of that.Writing down your goals and stating them is very powerful as well. The act of creating something requires Thought, Word, and Deed. Think it, say it, do it.

And if you can't keep trying til you can. Dats about it,lol.

For me it requires keeping my goals in mind as much as possible and conciously choosing whether what I am going to do( or not do) next will help or hurt me towards that stated purpose.There is no getting away from having to be concious about what you are choosing and doing. Life gives us plenty of things we have no control over this is true. But we also have many many things within our actual control and from these we can decide so much of our directiona nd trajectory.

I have to do so much bodywork and stretching just to stay somewhat pain free that on Sundays it is always fun not to even go near the gym or get on the floor. But I know if I don't, and just lay around and watch netflix all day and just fully relax tomorrow I will have a hard time in the gym. But my goal is to be as mobile, painfree and fucntionanal as possible, so it's 20 minutes of stretching and foam rollering and I already feel much better.

Being in pain really helps one's motivation as the other options are so much more noticeable.And I have always said injured clients listen MUCH more carefully; tongue only partly in cheek.

And I just as easily could have lazed around and been tight as a drum tomorrow. But I wouldn't have been confused about why I was.

Being alive and awake is no easy job and the stronger one is, the easier it is I believe.

that is powerlifter extraordinaire Lance Mosley helping me with my first ever RKC presentation on the kb clean at the April 2006 Cert.


Ken Black said...

Nice Sunday reflection Rif:) Blog is looking good bro.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, the green was getting to me.

Franz Snideman said...


I really like the new blog design and look. Super cool!I can relate to you about finding ways to stay functional and pain free. Living in pain in no fun and debilatating pain can be a great change agent.
What I admire about you is your consistent discipline in taking care of your body. You have taken accountability for your past actions and are doing something about it. In Stephen Covey's awesome book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," he talks about the first three habits as habits of private victory. That is learning to master yourself and your immediate circle of influence, which is one's self. The first three habits are:

1) Be Proactive
2) Begin with the end in mind
3) Put first things first

You have set a great example of living out all those principles. I want to thank your for you dedication to your craft and to your training as it has had a very beneficial effect on my training and I how I view the bigger picture.

Keep it rocking brother!

"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor."

- Henry David Thoreau

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz, thats such a great compliment. I have never read Covey's book but obviously I couldnt agree more;especially with the part of begin with the end in mind, and then putting first things first.I will have to get the book for sure.

and I love the Thoreau quote as well.and couldnt agree more. I beleive you can come to the body via consiousness or conciousness via the body.I think going through the body is easy. the head sometimes is tougher than a rock!

Mark Reifkind said...

and as far as setting an example I have always tried to lead from the front, with my clients, my training partners,and , most importantly, myself. thanks bro, glad I can help.