Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not bad at all

After how much I locked up after all that kb dragging on monday I was very happy with how mobile I was today. Especially since I had to drop off the jetta diesel at the mechanics and hoof it to work. Now it is hardly 5 long blocks but for me that is a big deal. A year ago that would have caused considerable knee pain and lockage and I would have been cursing. yes I was that lame. Today it caused virtually no problems and I hardly noticed it! this is a big thing to me.

Back and hips are tighter than normal but I took a long warmup and was planning on going lgiht with medium volume. Felt great.

Snatch Hi Pulls

44x5/5/5/5x15 sets= 300 reps/13,200 pounds

wow, thats a bigger number than I expected. excellent.

these felt very, very good. the 20 kg is perfect for my bodyweight and I can move it very fast in both directions and it always feels light in the hand. sometimes the 24 kg does and sometimes it doesnt.

Snatch holds
26x one minute ( right lat ,pec minor and teres are tight)
36#x one minute
44x 45 sec
44x one minute

One arm Deadlift
88x5x4 sets -right arm only- had to do something with the Bulldog. He was looking lonely.The first rep of the first set was suprisingly heavy!Then I got tight.

one leg calf raise

I think there are really helping my terminal knee extension and strength. the knee locks our much more evenly as well as more completely.Statically as well as dynamically in the gait cycle.

bw 161.8
bf 10.5 %
hyrdration 59.8%

datsit,staying loose.


Franz Snideman said...

Rif - are those one arm deadlifts new for you?

markrif said...

yes, just wanted to do something with the bulldog and that seemed the safest.Didnt kb walk today as monday was overload

Franz Snideman said...

Cool. Are you going to keep it in your training program?

Probably a good thing for you to pick up the bulldog every now and then. The low volume shouldn't hurt you at all.

markrif said...

probably yes,I will do a few with my calf raises which are helping a lot even at that small amount.