Saturday, October 21, 2006

Let it swing.

Man 160 reps used to kill me now it's an easy day. Had a hard start today although my warmups technique with two hand swings and overhead swings went great. figured out a crucial piece of my snatch technique mid way through the workout so it was all worth it.

Two hand low swing

these went well and really got my hips open. the low swing rocks.

Overhead Swing

this was a little tougher as my shoulder was slower to open up with the close overhead hand position. still went well just wont go very heavy.


53x5/5x16 sets= 160 reps/8480 pounds.

This was easy in terms of workload. I was having some right shoulder issues and my swing was off for the first sets so I was going slower than I wanted to. I was not pulling on the bell but my hip snap was early and not really connecting to the bell.If I tried to sit back more I just felt my bicep tendon more. I was not in sync and it felt off. I tried reaching the bell( and my hips) further back but that wasnt working. still felt the static stomp point was "off".

Then I realized I was keeping the bell too close to my crotch and this was limiting the back swing. I let myself lean over more and the bell pendulum swing more freely NOT trying to keep it locked( 'riding the broomstick' in GS terms) against my body. I do not do GS why am I using that technique?

WOW what a a difference! the bell was taking off,.Back to the future with a very simplistic, but totally hardstyle one arm swing snatch! Follow the bell.

By locking the arm too tightly against my body I limited the ROM of the bells path and thus the potential power. You still have to keep the bell connected to the body but just not so much surface contact with the arm.

One arm swings
53x5/5x 5 sets

This was just for technique work with the new back angle and it worked great.I was sitting back TOO much. THis feels much freer. I can really feel the bell swing and I am following it not the other way around. Set it in motion and hang on! The interesting part was that I felt an immediate lessening of the load on my touchy right biceps tendon. The arm was freer to swing.Interesting. All were chin height with LESS effort than my normal swing to chest height.

Scapula Pullups
8,9,10,8,9,10= 54

these are so important to really keep my shoulder/scapula opena moving correctly. The rest of the pullup is just more bicep and teres anyway.What I dont need.


one foot calf raise
bwx10x4 sets slow.

bw 163
bf 10.65
water 59.2%

datsit staying loose.


Franz Snideman said...

nice work Rif. I added in some swings into my training per your recommendation. Feels good, although I am only using the 16kg for higher reps.

Thanks Brother - have a good weekend!

Ken Black said...

Nice insights Rif. You still doing the heavy bag?
Have a great weekend.

Mark Reifkind said...

franz thanks.I think staying with the 16 is perfect. It has to be light enough to swing it loosely to be of use I think.too much high tension is not what you want.

thanks ken, I am I just didnt get it in this week. too much dragging mucked up my knee and even standing and punching didnt seem like a good idea. next week for sure.