Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WSB, KB Style.

Well, well, well. You just never know why you are going to feel good now do ya? Since I had done 250 high pulls with the 53 last week, then 210 snatches with the 53 again on Saturday I knew I needed to go either lighter or heavier today. Want to snatch a true PR on this Saturday( 230-240 reps) so I could either work power with the lighter bell or strength with a heavier one.

Decided to do both.

I have been burning the candle on the high rep ranges so some low reps are in order. I decided to do a 3 weight wave, using the same rep scheme( 5/5) to better focus on compensatory acceleration and max power output.
Lately, since I've been doing so many reps I feel that I am really conserving energy on each reto make my numbers. This is fine given my goals( strength endurance,stamina) but I felt healthy and strong enough to push it abit today.

By using the 28 and the 32 kg bells a semi max effort would be involved as well. I would cycle these three weights until speed ( and therefore power) was going down. Suprised myself.

Snatch High Pulls

72x5/5= one round. did 6 rounds 30-45 seconds rest between sets

60 reps with the 53= 3180 pounds
60 reps with the 62= 3720 pounds
60 reps with the 72= 4320 pounds
total = 180 reps/11,220

53x5/5x4 sets 15 seconds rest between sets.
40 reps 2120 pounds

total reps= 220
total pounds= 13,340

This felt awesome. All the bells felt light in my hands, my hip groove was very solid, the knee was actually attached for a change, and I didnt pull my arm at all, even on the heaviest ones. Not having to hold back to do so many reps I really concentrated on full hip drive, full extensions rooting all the way through each rep and maximum power output. The bell was flying!

This felt just like the old days and speed squat sets of 2 reps;no sense in holding back as you only had two reps to do. Short rest periods maintain muscle tension. great stuff. AND after throwing around the 72 the next set with the 53 sent that puppy flying! Fun neurological stuff. making the 53 fly really helped put max output on the 62 and 72 as well. the light stuff teaches the body to stay loose so it can contract fast. Tight equals slow.

KB SLed drag

Forget the tire or a sled. I attached my kb to my power belt via an Ironmind daisy chain and towed it through the grass. This is just what I have been looking for. Worried it would tear up the lawn and it didnt dent it. Perfect

20 kg drags
600 feet 30 sec rest
400 feet 30 sec
200 feet 30 sec

20 kb rack walk
100 foot right arm
100 foot left arm x 3 sets

1600 total feet walked.

snatch holds
20 kg x 30 sec each arm 15 sec rest x 4 sets
these felt strong. really pulled the scapula down the entire 30 seconds.
finished the workout as I started. High intensity, short work bout and short rest bout.Max speed, power as well as some heavy stuff as well.

bw 162.2
bf 10.1 % back to being a fatty again, I guess, lol.Its the trendline boss the trendline.

Feel great though back and knee are back in place, for now.

datsit staying loose.


Geoff Neupert said...


'Bout time you started throwing around the 32kg.

Franz Snideman said...

Awesome Rif. You are making killer progress. You are one of the only people I know who truly stick to his guns and trains intelligently.

Keep focused brother, very impressive!

Mark Reifkind said...


very funny brother.remember I am a recovering powerlifter and have to stop myself from lifting heavier and heavier things lol. it was good for it to be light in the hand

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz.I realized very early on that I could and would beat much more talented athletes through sheer willpower,determination and, most of all, consistency.I just do not miss unless a limb falls off or I am spouting blood.
gotta lead from the front baby.

you should have seen me before,lol.

Franz Snideman said...

I hear you brother! Focus, intelligence and desire can get you places!

Rock on!

marks said...

Hey, that's some great numbers. Do you compete with the bells? Thanks for the inspiration!

Mark Reifkind said...

marks thanks. no, my competion days are over for good now. just training to keep getting better now and enjoy the peaks when they happen.will hit 300 snatches some day.

Mark Reifkind said...

marks you've got a great looking site. do you have soemthing that makes it readable in english?

marks said...

Thanks Mark! I try to put the movement names in english most of the time, but the "story" part feels more natural to write in Finnish. Maybe I'll start putting also the story part in english to the NAKF forum's log.

300 snatches, sounds great! I'm doing about 30-50 now in a session, so I can appreciate those numbers..