Friday, September 29, 2006


Rehydrated well yesterday and made sure I had enough fiber and things are back to normal.

bw 162
bf 9.3%

5:30 am

20 minutes Rifga: focus on IT bands and calf.

Lots o snatches tomorrow early. I am thinking about 180 reps or so in a 6,7,8 ladder


Ken Black said...

Rif does the dehydration just happen on your busy days? I have noticed a few times you have said you were dehydrated;)
Look forward to reading about the snatch workout:)

Mark Reifkind said...


I hate drinking water and have to force myself to drink enough to stay hydrated.some days I do better than others. I barely ever get thristy and if I dont drink enough it shows in the bf and in toomuscle muscle tension.

I have a feeling I will 210 snatches tomorrow-5 ladders instead of 4 inf I feel good. I think my top end is going to edge towards 250 soon.