Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hard style.

I've been trying to decide lately what direction I want my training to go in, in regards my snatch training. If I go towards the Rite of Passage ten minute challenge, or a USSST, I need to really focus on upping the rep count, on a per set basis as well as a total volume level. Since this will be strength endurance training I need to lower my explosiveness and focus on a controlled force output preparing me to go ten minutes.

Trouble is I just dont like training this red fiber way. I guess I really am a white fiber type at heart.That's what I so loved about WSB training. Low reps per set really let you( and FORCE you) to go all out each rep.Volume is moderate as you can't do that many reps when you are going 100% force on each rep and I have to get past that ,lol. I mean with WSB squat training we only did 8-10 sets of 2 in the squat. and single on max effort day.

The only way I like going low intensity is when it is low enough to disassociate and cruise. cant do that with a KB!And even if you can I dont really like it.

Did five only in the snatch today and really focused on compensatory acceleration on each rep. No holding back or trying to find the most efficient ( shortest) stroke. If anything I sat much deeper than usual trying to get more of a pendulum swing, and more momentum going. Felt great!

I might be able to go back to the JB snatch/press technique with this, which is even a MORE powerful jump.

Snatch 9 am

53x5/5 x15 sets = 150 reps/7950 pounds.

High Pulls
53x10/10x3 sets 60 reps/ 3150 pounds.

this was very good, took about 10 sets to get really explosive( hey its early and I'm old!) but when it did they were flying. much more natural too.

26x12/12 x3 sets

bw 160.6 !!!
bf 11.2%!!!

man this is weird! I am eating cleaner than ever! Of course it is early in the day and I've had less than half the water I usually have on weekdays when I weigh in but this is strange.I feel good so I will continue and screw the scale. I like being closer to 160 though, that's good.

datsit staying loose.


Tom Shook, RKC said...

Rif, as I always understood Pavel's approach, his emphasis was on strength first and foremost, with conditioning being "incidental". I guess that's why I am so perplexed by some of the ETK stuff I'm reading.
As far as the USSST goes, the whole idea was to generate 10 mins. of hell for a recruit or operator. We have guys using GS technique to post ungodly numbers, but is that really the goal? I got 200 reps, using a hard GS stuff. If the whole idea is to train someone for duty, then why not? I'm not dissing GS guys, just questioning the rationale. Personally I don't have the attention span for GS training or competition. I have been called a "wildcard" on more than one occasion, but it works for me. I suppose that a person's specific goals will dictate his or her programme. As for volume, I already think you are hitting some serious volume, at least compared to me. I couldn't handle that much volume without a serious breakdown at some point, physical, mental or otherwise. Search your heart know what you must do....

Mark Reifkind said...

tom, thanks for the thoughtfull reply. as far as ETK it is a hard style approach. beleive me pavel is not a great fan of gs.I feel the same way but in a comparison of effort sense, anytime you are doing ANYTHING for ten mintes, regardless of form, you are going easier and are trying to fint the most efficient way to do it than you would if you only had to do a few or five total reps.

for me my problem is not that I cant make myself go hard is that I know from experience that it is not safe for me to let myself go with my natural competitive tendencies. I've done that for 35 years and its broken me apart.

the kbs, using a moderate approach( nomore snatching the two pood!) will give me the most important factor these days for me: increased work capcity and stamina.

I already am too strong for my bones and joints. I need resilience and staying power more than sheer strength. 13 years of powerlifting built a serious base.

since I cant run or cycle anymore at all I really do like working some "wind" exerices but I hate lactate training! I guess I'm a sprinter not an LSD guy after all.

as far as volume goes perhaps I do hold myself to a high standard( esepcially for old men!)but I beleive if I build slowly and carefully I can get to really good numbers with no more recovery issues than I have now.

its weird but it doenst seem like so much volume to me.It never takes longer than an hour! lol!
If I keep the total reps /set down to lower amount I can get a lot of sets in. I have searched my heart and there are still demons than have to be killed it seems.

I also am so happy to be able to do real work again after the last few years of crippled efforts in powerlifting that I get excited at the possibilities!
take care and thanks


Tom Shook, RKC said...

Rif, it would seem that we both have demons to exorcise..that's good, it won't let you forget that you're still alive!
I hear what you are saying about needing resiliency, staying power and work capacity more than anything else. I am really in the same boat, although I do feel that I can and should be developing more limit strength. That is one of the things I like so much about KB's: I can get stronger while getting faster and more flexible at the same time. I read an article in Milo a while back and they were saying the same thing about "old men" needing more stamina and resiliency than brute strength. I'm not sure either of us is an "old man" yet but the idea seems to fit into a more longevity oriented approach. You have a lot of experience in the iron game, so your insticts are more than likely better than most when it comes to an intuitive approach to the load.
Keep posting your numbers and insights..its really good stuff.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Tom; after so many years doing max effort lifts the last thing I need these days is more limit strength. It gets me in trouble more than anything else.

and yes I am officially Old.remember it aint the age its the mileage :))