Monday, September 25, 2006

The party's over.

AH, now I remember. Work, not enough sleep, fatigue. Real life, lol. Those two workouts on friday and saturday caught up to me and six clients in a row and I was tired going in. But this is the real stuff that builds the foundations from which peaks are made so I just dug in and suffered. I beleive that suffering is underrated as a training device. Definitely builds character as well as humilty.

Aleexev one said no one can be a true champion that hasnt been injured, as it is not the achieving of the win that counts, but the coming back from the loss to winagain that counts. I agree although I don't think that's limited to athletic competition at all.

I feel that everyday when I have to re learn how to walk or some stupid thing like that that 99% of us do unconciously. I just wish I didnt have to learn it so often.

Two Hand Low Swings
24 kgx15 reps x9 sets
135 reps
7155 pounds of work

these were very strong and felt like nothing( which they are) but the low siwng works perfectly as my normal arcs are so freaking long( those long arms and femurs. I can really be efficient and target the hips and the legs and the arms are perfectly straight. no biceps or shoulder issues with these and if I keep them low I hold a great arch as well, so no back issues either. Still have to keep my guard up with them for awhile. these bells can bite of that there is no doubt.

This is a good day although I can see the top range I predicted( 150) to go up pretty quicky as my conditions improves again.

Superestted with Tactical Pullups ( all paused)
4,4,4= 60 reps

now THIS is where I really felt the fatigue, as well as the decontioning. I've done less upper body stuff these last few weeks than anything.

Farmers Walks
2 20 kgs
200 ft laps x 4 sets

this was hard too as I was just beat. left calf was very tight as well. punched lefty.

One foot calf raise

wanted to try these for the full extension position. I think soleus is tight and gastroc( I know ) is weak. Been doing the one foot stands for extension in the flat footed position and I think a few,low reps sets of these at the end might help a lot.The nerve innervation to the calf is bad and the inner head of the gastroc doesnt like to fire.

post workout the knee feels a bit straighter at least it doenst hurt more.

RIFGA; 10 minutes

Heavy Bag
2 and half songs. calf is tight, ned to stretch

bw 161
bf 10.1%

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