Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The next step off a peak

is always down. You either step back or you fall off. I chose to step back this time, for a change. Getting older has its advantages sometimes. Man I need this workout too as even though I worked my butt off this weekend it is NOT the same thing as training and I was starting to feel weird.

Standing and walking for twelve hours a day for four days is not my knees favorite thing but the old guy held on til monday, whereupon it said NO. So tons of stretching, massage and vibration tried to get it to unravel but I knew I just needed a workout. It pushes the reset button on my body.

Snatch Ladder

x10/10 :90 reps/3960#
53x5/5: 10 reps/ 530 #

total:100 reps /4490

Man these always feel rough when I havent trained it awhile.I had so many years of isolation training and with these creaky joints all the parts dont want to work toghether til they get nice and warm.

two hand swings
53x10x6 sets: 60 reps/3180 #

supersetted with Tactical pullups
6x5: 30 reps

finally warmed up and did these in true superset fashion back to back. my lungs were finally opening up. The swings were real easy just moving the parts. the pullups felt great.

one kb rack walk
36# x100 feetx6 laps: 600 feet continuous alternating arm rack side.

I knew that these would really help my gait spasticity as they always did. stopped just short as the achilles tendon and ankle were starting to say hi. Wore my tactical boots for the cert but thinking next time my usual wrestling shoes. I flatter heel. any kind of heels tightens up my already way too tight soleus even more.this is what is causing my knee pain and ankle instability. Be gone in no more than two or three days.

bw 161.4
bf 9.5% YEAH BABY!

nothing like one meal a day and walking and working your ass off for twelve hours or so to get the bf down.light too.

Oh yeah, lots of rifga stretching this am with hip opening squats now in the mix, both wide and close stance.

datsit, stayin loose


Franz Snideman said...

ONE MEAL A DAY! Man, I would be as skinny as a Somolian warlord :)

nice training as usual!

Tom Furman said...

With your knowledge of bodywork and therapy. Write up a blog piece on the care and cure of ilio-psoas. I could use all the ideas. Mine were jacked in martial arts years ago and I feel them every day. Hard to get a foam roller or tennis ball deep in the origins of the psoas!

Mark Reifkind said...

the psoas is hard to get as you know and I used a thumbs in the belly of it as I lowered the leg from flexion to extension. not something I would write an article advocating,lol! today if I need the work I use a one inch dowel stick to in hib the sucker.

After I got the thing to stop flexing constantly with deep tissue work I mainly I fixed my psoas problem by stopping the motions that was over activating it( ab work and deep squatting)and totally opening up the front panel and strengthening the hell out of the antagonists, the erectors.

also since mine was a unilateral problem I did assymetrical twists to the opposite side too.

Mark Reifkind said...

franz, it was a big meal,lol. plus I got a couple bites of my lunch salad too.woo hoo!