Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lean and Mean

or maybe just cranky,lol. It's been so long since I peaked phsyically I've forgotten what it feels like. Woke up this morning with the metabolism still blasting on full.Havent seen my oblique insertions in a long long time. Ate up pretty well and it seems to just have made things hotter.Plus an actual workout helped.

I remember when I was cycling and I had yet to do a hundred mile ride. Everything up to 100 was tough. Then, we rode to Pescadero and back from Palo Alto and the total was 110 or 115 miles total. After that everything up to 100 miles was EASY. A mental and physical barrier was broken. Doing all that physical work this weekend and REALLY only having one meal( as opposed to the LONG one meal I have at home) pushed me over the edge and really burned some fat. How long it will last I dont know but it sure feels good now.


Franz Snideman said...

Rif, do you think you are leaner because of not eating or because of immense calorie burining of teaching over the weekend?

What EFA's are you taking? Fish oil, cod liver oil, Flax?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rif,

I've been checking out your blog for several months, and today's photo of the great Karelin has spurred me to make a few comments.

1. Congratulations on being named Senior RKC. Great work!

2) I've seen your references and photos of Univ. of Iowa gymnastics. That one photo looks as though it was taken in the North Gym of the Old Fieldhouse? I was a student at Iowa in the mid-late 70s and remember that the gymnastics team usually was highly ranked nationally.

3) Speaking of Iowa and wrestling (the two go together, don't they?), were you aware that Gable is back in coaching again, serving as assistant to Tommy Brands (one of his star pupils and former Olympic Gold Medalist). I'm sure that most readers of your blog are familiar with Gable, but for those who aren't, suffice it to say that the entire Soviet wrestling program in the 1970s was obsessed with beating Dan Gable. They were not successfull.

4. Enough "old fart reminiscing" on my part. Again, much success as a Senior RKC. It would be a pleasure and honor to take a kettlebells class with you someday when I'm in California (I'm still in Iowa City).

5. I believe that I speak for the silent majority who enjoy reading your blog but seldom have an opportunity to thank you.


Mark Reifkind said...


Yes.Both.I really felt like I peaked this weekend and the extreme energy output combined with the lower cals just brought it all home.
How long this will hold will be the question.I am 161.4 and 9.8% just this second.
I think it will have lowered my baseline weight and bf a bit and then it will wave up and down from there.
hopefully it will be between 9.5 and 10.5 rather than 10.5 and 11.5!!

going to start ramping up volume again and will hit new highs this next cycle I'm sure.

no supps. using macademia nut oil, butter, lots of nuts, eggs , hard cheeses ice creama nd dark chocolate. stopped the cod liver for the flax or fish oil pills. they seem to exacerbate my inflammation!! tried it twice and there was no doubt. I'm weird.

Mark Reifkind said...

hey john!

thanks so much for the kind words man and yes that is the fieldhouse at U of I where I spend so many hours.that is Mark nelson in the back of my rings photo if you new him at all. I think he coached there when he grew up.

we had been national champs in '69 but my freshman team had 10 newbies, including myself. not much depth.

I should have stayed and finished my degree; I would have ended up head coach for sure.course I aint exactly complaining!

I need to get back to Iowa city some day to reminese. let me know if you want to get a bunch of people together and I'll do a seminar. Love to see my old stomping grounds.

thanks again.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh, and glad you like the blog. keep in touch.

Tom Furman said...

Let's talk about My Pie Pizza in Sunny Isles, back in the day ;-))

Mark Reifkind said...

Dude I was a cabana boy at The Castaways!

The Dymmel said...


Sorry I missed your season premiere on tv last night. I think you were on America's Next Top Model, right? I mean with all your weight watching you might want to give it a go. LOL.


Mark Reifkind said...

dont be hating me dimmel now cause I be all sexy and shit!

hey dude I just want to be as lean as you.