Monday, September 11, 2006

Sweat bath.

Wow. Havent had such good energy in a long time. Not being in constant pain does that I guess.
Also been enjoying walking a bit as every step doesnt hurt now. Lots of static stretching (rifga!:)) and my body is changing; getting smaller and leaner and compacting. I almost have all the joints open but there still is so far to go.

But I can tell I am in shape as I dont sit between sets now and trained today( 85 deg Plus) with no fan and just dug the sweat. I missed that the most these last five injured years. No squatting or dl volume and NO cardio means little sweat and sweat cleanses and heals.

When I dont mind the heat I know I am getting there. reminds me so much of my running, cycling days. especially the cycling,which is more muscular.

Two Hand swings

62x10x10 =100 reps = 6200 lbs

Superesetted with Tactical Pullups
3,4,5,6,7= 25
3,4,5,4,4= 20
75 total reps these were strong! I supersetted the last five sets with Farmers walks

Farmers Walks
2/36'sx200 feet 5 times= 1000 feet.

This was great as my knee didnt "adjust" badly even once the whole trip!

Heavy Bag/Southpaw

3 songs

Seems I am a lefty! this felt right for so many reasons. One, my strong right leg is now lead leg, using the left as the straight punch lets me push off my left toes to rotate TOWARDS the right, which is EXACTLY the counter -to- my -scoliosis rotation I need to train!Same with the left hook to the liver which seems to be one of the most dangerous punches their is!

Plus, being a lefty throws off righties . worked on lots of straight punches, jabs and combos as well as left and right hooks by themselves and tried to actually move my feet as I did this.Great sweat.

Rifga stretching 10 minutes on floor. left hammie got tight this am. oh yeah, stretched out ten minutes at 5 am. this so helps.

workout time = 80 minutes

bw 163.4
bf 10.9% started eating early yesterday and didnt stop much! LOL!all good stuff but a lot!

Actually going to start PLANNING an early feeding day on Sundays as I crave breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. I will eat early and fast the second part of the day. Just on Sunday. this is probably a good deviation.We'll see if I can stop, however!

datsit, getting ready for the RKC!


Ken Black said...

Gald to see things going well for you.
Have fun at the RKC.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Rif, the left hook to the liver IS the most dangerous punch there is. That was Mickey Ward's money shot...he's the toughest MFer you would ever meet. When you're messin' around, give the shovel hook a try, it digs in real nice.
On a slightly different note, I'm glad you're hittin' a little groove and feelin' it man. That's always sweet. Have fun at the RKC..and "tell them sissies hello!" LOL!!!

Tom Furman said...

Watch this clip of Rodney playing with his crew and working the bag.