Monday, September 04, 2006

The Power Squat of Swings.

Hopefully I didnt just screw myself. I could not face doing lots of cleans today as they work my arms more than anything and my arms are tired. Been doing TON of bodywork lately and they are shot. And I have been itching to put some form of squat back into the mix even though I should be satisfied with what I have.I so miss being a powerlifter.But my squat pattern needs way more flexibility, stability and mobility work before I ever load it so I decided to do some two handed swings, the power squat of kettlebell swings.

I have had back issues from these in the past which I why I dropped them from the mix, finally.Flexion is the problem as well as loading my back and hips bilaterally.But I have been demoing these lots at work and though I might be ready to tolerate them. Man I hope so.It's such a basic power drill. Much like a good power squat.real simple so you can go real hard.Hard is good.

Tracy does all low swings, where the bell comes up between the crotch and the navel and its a serious efficient stroke. SO much hips and legs and the back stays nicely in extension. LOTS of sitting back though, like the power squat. Like the second pull of the olympic snatch or clean, which creates more watts of power than ANY OTHER MOVEMENT KNOWN. Amazing. So I decided to use that technique. whole lots less pull on my shoulders as well. we'll see if its too much hips for my back.

Also, with the low swing I can fully lock my elbows which is hard to do as the bell swings higher.I have really long arms and small feet( base) I always want to pull the bell into a vertical arc except for this style. this may work. it sure is mainly hips and legs.

Two hand swings

53x15x9 sets 135 reps 7155 pounds.

Supersetted with tactical pullups( long pauses in bottom)
3,4,5,6= 66 reps

suprsingly strong today. I way hung out inthe stretch hang position,which I have been rushing lately, to get more reps. A big mistake. work the stretch.

Waiters Walks
26# kbx 4 lap sets x3= 1200 feet
no rest between arms

Heavy Bag

3 songs( ala Bill Fox style)

this works great. Bag is hung properly and I'm on plywood. this was fun actuallygot a rythym and lo and behold I actually started moving my feet towards the end. wrapped my hands today and wore bag gloves. cannot afford to mess up my hands or wrists!

bw 163.4
bf 10.4%!!

LOL, As my weight goes up my bodyfat goes down. hilarious.

datsit , here's hoping I dont lock up :))

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Tom Furman said...

Bodyweight up and fat down?

I see 190lbs at 2%, but that is just me. Have fun with the heavy bag.