Sunday, September 03, 2006

gait mechanics

this is a GREAT analysis of gait mechanics and I really need to study this in depth. I didnt realize how critical and detailed the movement of the foot/ ankle was to proper gait. duh, of course but who knew?
I immediately got pain relief in one stance support by rotating my femur internally on footstrike instead of whtever the hell else I was doing!WHen you have bad joints natural movements arent natural anymore and pain cycles can cause a really bad downward spiral of motor patterns.

Have pain, change the pattern, pattern is not good, have pain and repeat, ad infinitum.Knowing exactly where the bones ar esuppsoed to go during each movement really helps me do it correctly when the knee acts up or the bones move out of position.

I also go how the foot turns from a 'mobile adaptor' for the ground to a rigid source of force generation during the contact phase to the full support phase. this is critical when the knee is painful if loaded inproperly.I am very excited about this information.

9 am RIFGA stretching 20 min
Bosu ball two foot stands/stretching ankles.

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