Friday, September 22, 2006

Naked Warrior

Yes I definitely remembering this peaking thing. Feeling ready to train, feeling strong, recovering quickly,taking big jumps and almost no warmups needed/. Wow, has it really been that long? Seems like I havent felt this in eons.

Was supposed to snatch tomorrow but I have so much energy I needed to workout today.Decided I have to start training barefoot to take my foot strength and stability to the next level. First time ever.I started out this path with an olympic boot with a heel and knee wraps. Went to wrestling shoes and no wraps and now the shoes are gone. Naked Warrior.I like it.

One of my favorite things about running was being way back in the arroyos of Santa Fe feeling like an animal myself with just shorts and shoes totally immersed in nature.

My feet are the weakest link in my chain now and its time to get em strong.

I knew it would be a good one. And it was.


53x5/5x12 sets
x5/5/3/3= 156 reps /8268/ 82 % of goal( 53x200 =10,600 # = 100%)

set out to train slowly as it was a day early and I did snatch on wednesday. too much enthusiasm always seems to get me hurt but- it wasnt snail paced either. I did 100 reps in about 17 minutes and really felt I could do back to back sets no problem which is NEVER the case with me. the last set was combined as I wanted to get the whole thing done under 30 minutes. Miscounted and should have done the last set combined for 160 total as well. no worries.

One foot stands: 30 -60 second holds working for full rooting and TOTAL knee lockout.Weight on medial arch. Don't need no stinking bosu the ground is unsteady enough for my left leg!~The key focus now is getting full extension in the knee, as well as more stability and strength at the same time. ten minutes

Sumo squat stretches: five minutes focused on opening hips, creating space and sinking down. have to be careful here as I get lower the already tight hammie and claf tighten more. have to go very slowly.

Bw 161.2

no worries just dehydrated.Groove felt very solid today, all this work on my swings is starting to really pay off.

dats it, hi pulls tomorrow! barefoot worked great.

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